Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Finds - This is Halloween

This week, I am doing a Friday Finds dedicated entirely to Halloween items!  These items are things you can find in the shops doing our Halloween promotion this week! 

Rocky Sebastian Orangeage, an odd handmade Halloween stuffed toy with a soul - Workshop of Oddities

Black Diamond Thumb Tacks - Classic Cut Rhinestones - Set of 10 - Pin and Tack

Black Cats Bring Good Luck, Kitty Pendant for You or Your Pet - Scrappy Rat

Creepy Science Resin Necklace - Halloween jewelry, Resin Pendant - Science Jewelry - Keep It Weird - Strange Jewelry, Alien, Worm - Vivace Crafts

Pirate Treasure Map Necklace - Miniature Messages in a Bottle - Starfirewire


 Bright Orange Kick in the Pants Kids Scarf - M Knit's

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