Wednesday, April 10, 2013

VEGAN Native American Foods Recipes!

 Do you love green chilis?  Do you know the Three Sisters of American Indian traditional foods?  If not... watch below, cook and EAT!

Corn, Squash & Beans - the 3 Sisters
The marvelous medical pioneers of health, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, has a section devoted to encouraging Indians to adopt a plant-based diet to combat their formidable diabetes numbers.  Using PCRM's Power Plate principles Chef Lois Ellen Frank, of Kiowa descent, does a marvelous demonstration on how to make No Fry bread with Three Sisters Saute and Green Chili Sauce to die for.   It's so quick and easy you can even make it on a "school night".  My kids LOVE this stuff.  Try it!

The recipes are at the bottom of the accompanying article.

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For all y'all gardeners - here's how you grow it from  the Sustainable North Florida website:

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