Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spotlight Seller

Happy Mother's Day everyone and welcome back to the EtsyVeg Spotlight Seller!! This week Amber and her awesome shop Xmittens are featured!!!

Tell us a bit about yourself?
Amber Coppings. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and I recently saw a Cooper's Hawk and a vulture flying over my house. In the fall, I became a more-than-full-time fashion and textile designer after leaving my p/t job as an education coordinator for a local music non-profit (Calliope:The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society. Check 'em out!)

Vegan or Vegetarian? How long?
I have been a vegetarian for 17 years.

When did you open your shop on Etsy?
I opened my first shop in 2006, but really got start in March 2007 with my Xmittens shop.

Hand Dyed Organic Circle Scarf
What do you sell on Etsy?
I sell eco-friendly, art-inspired, practical fashion clothing and accessories. At this point, all new work is entirely vegan ( At one point, I used silk, but do not anymore)

When you are not working on your shop, what do you do?
I love hanging out with my cats, Panther the Panther and Tascha Mao. I also teach arts business workshops and fabric dyeing classes. Plus, I love to travel and do so whenever I am fortunate enough.

Hooded Cape Vest
Where do you get your inspiration?
Much of my work is inspired by traditional and contemporary Japanese fabric dyeing and manipulation methods called shibori, as well as Japanese designers such as Issey Miyake. A lot of texture, color and playing with the idea that the body is an exhibition space. I also go on walks often and take photos and use them as inspiration, too.

Favorite veggie meal?

Oh, gosh, I have never been able to narrow down a favorite food. Right now, I have a bowl of grilled sweet potatoes with butter, cinnamon and turmeric waiting for me to focus on it.

Where else can we find you? has the latest and greatest about eco-friendly fabrics, designers and what I am up to and I sell my complete line at My etsy shop is

Thanks for being part of the team Amber!! Make sure to check out the rest of Xmittens!!!

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FireHorse3 said...

I love your wonderful designs! The fleece jacket is so beautiful :)

Gina said...

Beautiful line and love how you use all those scraps!