Thursday, May 3, 2012

Favorites of the Day!

Any moment now, I will become the mother to a 100% vegan baby girl. Ever since learning this, the girly girl that is me has been all about the color purple, pink, and all sorts of cute baby things to get. Luckily, The Etsyveg team is full of cute baby stuffs! See some examples of my favs below!

This lovely, fun set is located here.

This lovely pair of booties is in this shop.

You can find this nifty eco set here.

You can find this pink bodysuit in this cute shop.

Thanks for stopping by & checking out The Etsyveg Blog!
<3 --Heather & baby2bee!


Ashlee said...

Baby stuff <3 Makes me happy!

daisyfleur said...

Love the hot pink booties!

Veganosaurus said...

Awwww it makes me want a baby girl too!! :)

mumbot said...

ADORBS! Congratulations~! =)