Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Spotlight Seller

Happy Earth Day everyone and welcome back to the Spotlight Seller! This week we are proud to feature an eco-friendly seller, Tiffany of Picnic Basket Crafts!!

Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Tiffany, and I live in Littleton, Colorado.  I have two kiddos, both boys, a husband, and a Norwegian Elkhound.  We like to hike and ski and ride our bikes all over town.

Vegan or Vegetarian? How long?
My 10 year old son and I have been vegetarians for a bit over a year, and are becoming vegan (very imperfectly).  Finding meals everyone in the family will eat and enjoy is a real challenge, as the other two will live without meat, but not cheese and milk.  We are working on them!  (-:

When did you open your shop on Etsy?
My etsy shop has been open since 2008.  Before that, my business was run out of a picnic basket I carried with me everywhere I went.

Everything You Need To Start Cleaning Green
What do you sell on Etsy?
I sell a wide range of products for "down to earth decadence" - making it easy to take care of your body, home, and baby while keeping it light on your pocketbook as well as the environment. Soaps, lotions, balms, cleaning products, baby and mama products, unpaper products, etc.
When you are not working on your shop, what do you do?
I am a full time middle school science teacher.  I also love to hang out with my kids.

Mother's Bouquet Organic Sugar Scrub
Where do you get your inspiration?
They say necessity is the mother of invention.  When I want or need something, my first impulse is to try to make it myself.  When I love what I've made, I like to share it with others.  When I don't, well...  I try to find it on etsy and support another artisan!

Favorite veggie meal?
Grilled portobella burgers and chipotle sweet potato fries!

Where else can we find you?
Facebook (, pinterest (www.pinterest/pbcrafts), and I also write once a month for the Eco Etsy blog, (  I have a blog of my own as well, but it hasn't been updated for a long time.  Soon I will be changing the name of my shop, and it will then be found at

Thanks for being part of the team Tiffany!!! There is no better day to check out all the "down to Earth decadence'' at Picnic Basket Crafts!! 

 *Hey EtsyVeg-gies!! If you want to be featured in an upcoming Spotlight Seller please convo BunnysBakedGoods on etsy for more information!* 

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