Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day Issues: Endandered Species

It doesn't seem like they would be that important, but they really are! Endangered species are something that everyone should be aware of and work to save. Over the course of our earths lifetime many species of animals have gone extinct of become endangered. Let me tell you why this is a big deal.

Let's say that a predatory animal like the polar bear becomes extinct. That means the animals that a polar bear eats will breed like crazy and there will be fewer means of controlling their population. It means that there will be no polar bears for other larger animals to, let's say, snack on.

Now, let's say that a small animal like salmon goes extinct. Black and brown bears who rely on fish eating as a large part of their diet just lost a major food supply. That means there would be potential for these and other animals who feast on fish to become endangered or extinct. If other animals become extinct, then the animals who fed on them could become extinct as well. It's a never ending cycle and it throws mother earth off.

Two huge issues that are affecting species are:

*climate change
*loss of habitat

Climate change is causing warmer weather, which is causing more ice to melt. Warmer weather can kill coral reef, which many species of animals rely on for food and shelter. As for loss of habitat, when an animal such as a wolf, fox or bear loses their natural habitat, they must either adapt or die out. This causes more and more species that rely on them to die out as well.

SO, In honor of Earth day tomorrow, I encourage everyone to think about what they can do to help preserve habitats or lessen their impact on the earth to help save more of our earths inhabitants

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