Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spotlight Seller

This week on the Spotlight Seller we are featuring Vanessa of Desiderio Chocolates!

Tell us a bit about yourself? 
Vanessa Metalli Dionne, originally from Rome, Italy now Longmont, Colorado, creating recipes, working with chocolate and local ingredients, kind made it a point to find local spirits to incorporate in my confections

Vegan or Vegetarian? 

Vegan three years, I turned vegetarian in my early teens and I worked with the wild life rescue center back in Rome Italy, actually that is what I really wanted to do, not sure why I haven't pursue it after.

When did you open your shop on Etsy? 

November 2010 after my sister (Piktoland) suggested it to me, I am glad I did :-)


Tell us about what you sell on Etsy? 

I make vegan confections. After going vegan my first objective for my business was to turn all my recipes into vegan ones. I have created few unique things and recreate others. It's a fusion of my Italian background and American modern world. I love it.

When you are not working on your shop, what do you do? 
I work full time still, I haven't been able to quit yet. It has been hard to keep a running business where I am the only one doing everything, gaining new accounts, working full time, raising my two boys (3 and 7) and in general taking care of a family. I have dedicate all my extra time, which is very little, to my business, and I know I need to start taking care of myself again :-) 

Where do you get your inspiration? 
I always loved making sweets, baking etc. Ideas just flow into my brain on a daily basis and sometimes I have to force my self to just stop. Aromas, spices, colors, foods and desserts, feelings, walking in a spice shop or even just my green grocer. It doesn't take much.

What's your favorite veggie meal? 

It depends the mood I am in, lately a huge plate of garlic sauteed kale or Collard greens with a Daiya grilled cheese sandwich, I just love that stuff, but I eat it sporadically, you know :-P I love Amy's organic Samosa wrap.

Where else can we find you? 

Etsy shop web site twitter @desideriochoco

Thank you for being part of the team Vanessa! Make sure to check out all the delicious creations at Desiderio Chocolates!

*If you want to be featured in an upcoming Spotlight Seller please convo BunnysBakedGoods on etsy for more information!* 


FireHorse3 said...

Your sweet treats look delicious - good luck with your shop! :)

Veganessa said...

mmmmmmmmm, they look great!