Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spotlight Seller

This week's Spotlight Seller is Emma-Jayne of Urbanimal! Let's learn more about our fellow animal lover!

Tell us a bit about yourself? 
I'm Emma-Jayne Saanen, and I'm based near Glasgow in the UK. I'm dangerously close to my 30th birthday and my passion is animals, their biology, their welfare, and their mythology.

Vegan or Vegetarian? How long?
I have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian since around 1995. My mum has been a vegetarian since prior to my birth, and when I was old enough to understand why she was vegetarian I decided to become one too. 

Earlier in 2011 I became an ovo-vegetarian. I had been burying my head in the sand about the cruelty of dairy and when I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant I took that as a sign. I personally find the dairy industry far more abusive than the meat industry. 

When did you open your shop on Etsy?
I opened my Etsy store in July 2009, encouraged by a few of my friends who were already selling there. 

Original Art Custom Animal Portrait
Tell us about what you sell on Etsy?
My art is inspired by the lives and tales of animals, and my store is where I sell original artworks looking for good homes. I also take animal portrait commissions. 

When you are not working on your shop, what do you do?
What don't I do? I already have a BA(Hons) in Fine Art, but I am a student again. This time I am studying towards a BA/BSc(Hons) in Environmental Studies. 

I am a volunteer with my local park ranger service. The work is varied: sometimes we take kids out to teach them the wonders of the woodland, sometimes we go out on surveys for rare species, and sometimes we do something as simple as a litter pick. 

Through my volunteer work I have developed a passion for lepidoptery (the study of butterflies and moths) and I can regularly be seen running around my community with a butterfly net, recording species and releasing them. 

My spirituality takes up the rest of my time. I am an animist, totemist and aspiring shamanist. This, alongside my volunteer work, inspires my animal art. 

Original Art Grey Heron as Totem

Your Grey Heron as Totem is beautiful! Where do you get your inspiration?
Grey Heron in particular was inspired by the herons that live nearby. There is a nesting pair in one of the parks, but very few people know they are there. There is something magical about having such a beautiful bird living so secretively in an urban town. I just had to capture that vibe in my art.

What's your favorite veggie meal?
It would have to be ramen. There is an amazing noodle bar in Glasgow that sells the most delicious yasai ramen soup. Oh and the yasi gyoza are fantabulous!

Where else can we find you?
My main website is , and I can be found!/urbanimal , and

Thanks for being part of the team Emma-Jayne!! Make sure to check out her wonderful work at Urbanimal! 

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FireHorse3 said...

Beautiful artwork - so celebratory of the natural kingdom - it's very uplifting to see. :)