Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spotlight Seller

 This week Emily of Emily Fotis Designs is our Spotlight Seller! Let's get to know her better...

Tell us a bit about yourself ? 
My name is Emily Fotis. I live in Fairfield, IA. I have 13 cats, ALL of whom originated from one cat "couple" that was dumped in my neighborhood. The kittens were all feral, but with TLC, I now have 7 indoors and 6 outdoors, and have since had them all live-trapped, spayed or neutered. This is my PSA to encourage people to spay/neuter their pets and ferals/strays! But I digress... I recently got a job as Assistant Graphic Designer at a company (Maharishi Ayurveda Products International) that manufactures and sells holistic, ayurvedic herbal supplements and other products: you can find out more about them at mapi(dot)com.

Vegan or Vegetarian? How long?
Vegetarian, and have been my entire life – my parents stopped eating meat when they started meditating in the 70s. The only meat I've ever ingested has been accidentally (e.g. restaurants). I am, very slowly, making my way towards veganism, but at the very least I make sure that all eggs and dairy products I consume are free from cruelty. Fortunately, in Fairfield, that's not too hard to do – Radiance Dairy is the local dairy that I've been to and have met the cows first-hand, and even volunteered to get the owner elected for IA Secretary of Agriculture. Alas, he was not elected, but even so, got a good margin of the votes. I digress again! :)

When did you open your shop on Etsy?
January 1st, 2007, at the urging of a friend. I'd never heard of Etsy before, but was impressed. For not putting the time I probably should put into it, I think I've done fairly well. No advertising, no coupons or free stuff yet, just simply being there and keeping it more or less full of product.

Folk Art coloring book
Folk Art Coloring Book
Tell us about what you sell on Etsy?
• A self-published line of 18 frameable greeting cards featuring my paintings;
• A coloring book (and the same version as an ebook) that was published in Fairfield... it features heavy, acid-free paper that works with crayons, markers, pencils, and all water-based paints; sepia outlines instead of dull black; perforated pages for easy removal; one-sided printed only (so you don't have to pick and choose which piece you want to display); two cut-out-able note cards and two cut-out-able bookmarks.
• Original paintings
• Graphic design (business cards, logos, etc)
• Works in Sculpey
• Jewelry

When you are not working on your shop, what do you do?
I work; I cook (I LOVE to create delicious vegetarian meals, especially for guests who may not tend toward the vegetarian lifestyle, to prove that you don't need meat for nutrition OR for flavor); I play with my cats; I watch baseball (St. Louis Cardinals!); I paint and draw; I plan changes for my store and site and blog; I strategize on how to achieve the art-licensing career I want.

Original Folk Art watercolor painting Six Bird Tree
Original Folk Art Watercolor Six Bird Tree
I love your 6 Bird Tree Watercolor! Where do you get your inspiration?
Aww, thanks! I was looking through a Pennsylvania German "fraktur" book, and saw a painting of a tree with six birds in it – mind you, it looked nothing like my own version, but it certainly inspired me, and has been one of the more popular paintings I've done. People really respond to it.

What's your favorite veggie meal?
Oooh, good one! Probably roasted vegetables and marinated-tofu pasta with cream sauce... Sooooooo amazingly good! Or my mom's crouton-cauliflower casserole – forever a childhood favorite, hands down.

Where else can we find you?
My website:; my blog (though I rarely update – tryin to be better about that!):; Facebook (look up Emily Fotis, I guess. I even more rarely use FB); LinkedIn (also rarely used); Twitter: @emilyfotis. Check back closer to the holidays, too, I'll have lots more cool stuff! :)

Thanks Emily for being part of the team!! Check out her enchanting work at Emily Fotis Designs

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