Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spotlight Seller

This week our Spotlight Seller is our new Team Captain Maggie of MagglePie M's Knits and Things!! Let's get to know our fantastic Captain...

Black and Grey Loose and Light Scarf (and Maggie!)

Tell us a bit about yourself ?
My name is Maggie.  I live in Moorhead, MN, which is right across the river from Fargo, ND.

Vegan or Vegetarian? How long?
I’ve been vegetarian for 15 years, and vegan for about a year and a half.  I was mostly vegan for a long time and just decided it was time to take that plunge and go all the way!

When did you open your shop on Etsy?
I opened shop in 2007.

Mini Upcycled Envelopes

What do you sell on Etsy?
All sorts of stuff.  Mostly hand knit scarves, blankets, hats and wash cloths.  I also make greeting cards, recycled envelopes and recently started my own little zine.

When you are not working on your shop, what do you do?
Too much.  I’m in a movie group and game group with some friends, and we get together every couple of weeks and go to movies or pick out a board game or something to play for the night.  I’m also in a book club, and we get together once a month and chat about our chosen book!

Deep Purple Soft and Cozy Baby Blanket

Where do you get your inspiration?
Well, usually I just go with yarn that looks really cool together and work from there.  But sometimes, I’ll make something based on inspiration from a movie I’ve seen and really liked.

Favorite veggie meal?
Vegetable stir fry.  There’s really nothing better than mixing a bunch of veggies up with some spicy stir fry sauce and chowing down.  Coming in at a close second is the Evil Jungle Noodle at the Thai Orchid, a local Thai restaurant.  It’s sooo good!

Where else can we find you?
So far I’m just selling on Etsy, but I’m working on getting some items into a few shops in Northern Minnesota.

Thank you Maggie for all your work with the team!!! Make sure to check out all things made by Maggie at MagglePie M's Knits and Things!


GiGi said...

Thanx for all your work for etsyveg, Maggie. You are one busy lady. The purple scarf and recycled envelope are great!

FireHorse3 said...

Hi Maggie. Lovely to meet you and hear about your shop and life :)

Kathryn Hansen said...

lovely work!!that upcycled envelope is cool too!!