Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spotlight Seller of the Week

I'm a bit under the weather right now, so please excuse any lack of whit that you'd normally expect of me.  This, however, does not affect the charm of this week's Spotlight Seller, Julia of JF Illustrations.  Julia is a phenomenal artist who focuses on the animal kingdom for inspiration.  Her designs often reflect the species that she has worked with during her experience as a biologist.  How cool is that? 

You will find lovely beaded and hand drawn bookmarks, as well as fashion accessories at JF Illustrations and custom work is always welcome.   These mini works of art will be a treasured gift for the book worm in your life or the perfect way to save your own spot when you reluctantly put down your latest novel.  You can also check out Julia's other work on her personal website where you will find amazingly detailed illustrations as well as info about custom work, art classes and Julia's work with various charities.

Among the beautiful items in JF Illustrations, you will no doubt find at least one that tugs at your heart and becomes a personal favorite.  Don't be shy.  Share it with others in a treasury, post it on your Facebook or give a little Tweet in it's honor.  Then give Julia a little more love by stopping by her Facebook Page and following her blog for giveaways and exclusive coupon codes.  It doesn't get much better than that.  When you've had your fill, come back and link up to let us know you've done your share. 


Heather said...

I love Julia's illustrations. I have two of her necklaces, they are so wonderful. One is an owl & it is my absolute fav!

JFIllustrations said...

Thanks so much for the spotlight, support, and kind words, Kristy and Heather!!

Get well wishes your way, Kristy!

EtsyVeg is such a great group - I love being a part of it :)

Veganosaurus said...

Congratulations Julia!! :)

Not only is Julia's work unique and beautiful but by what little I've known of her online, I can say that she's a lovely person!

eva@coco+me said...

Not only is Julia a talented artist, she's a terrific writer and advocate for animals! Love her shop! Especially like that starfish bookmark featured in this post. :o)

Heather of the blue windmill said...

The starfish is cool!!
So is the owl!

I have a necklace and earrings of Julia's that are fab!
I get compliments on the earrings every time I wear them! People just love that fabulous blue!

tweeted 4 ya!

Lucy - Lunique Jewellery said...

Shared on FB and twitter and found a new fave in your shop Julia :-)

the little schremlin said...

very cool store and a very talented artist! i especially like her bookmarks with the illustrations on the frosted background.

Julie said...

Love all the cool pendants and bookmarks in your shop Julia! I agree! EtsyVeg is a great team!

Cookin' Vegan said...

I love Julia's illustrations especially the owl book mark, and I've tweeted all about it.

Also, I owe Julia an apology. I was unable to write a blog post about her awesome shop this week due to a family emergency. I hope to catch up soon :)