Saturday, June 4, 2011

Green Leaf Parcels

This makes a great starter.


Large lettuce leaves (3 per person)
Cooked brown rice left to cool
Mayonnaise (or Yofu)
Chilli Powder
Chive stalks (one for each lettuce leaf)

Wash the lettuce leaves and leave whole and set aside (do not dry off)
Take the cooked and cooled rice and mix with some mayonnaise or equivalent and add some chilli powder to your taste
Spoon some of this mixture about a teaspoon and a half into the middle of each lettuce leaf and fold half of the leaves into four and tie with just washed chive stalks to make parcels, with the other leaves bundle up the leaf and tie the chive stalks around and secure (see photos)

Place another lettuce leaf into the bottom of a single serving dish and spoon some of the remaining rice mixture on top and place two of the parcels on top, add a squirt of mayonnaise (yofu) and a small sprinkling of chilli powder, chill and serve. Do this step for each person.

Voila! Easy peasy and really delicious, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan (Yofu)

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Anna Graham Shonle said...

I love this, so pretty and simple. And healthy!