Friday, April 22, 2011


This year Earth Day is themed A Billion Acts of Green. A billion acts of green.....

WOW, sounds like a lot doesn’t it?!

A billion acts of green......

But what does “green” really mean?

I know that for me, personally, it means many things. Cutting down on plastic usage, reusing, recycling and reducing (the emphasis being on “reduce”) and choosing a Vegan lifestyle are just a few.

I’m naturally not a materialistic person and in fact I get quite twitchy when I have too much “stuff” in my life. Only last year I had another wobbly and sold/gave away all of my possessions so that I could be free to travel as light as the wind and the freedom I felt was (as always) awesome!

I actively tell people not to buy me things for birthdays/Christmas because it will lead to an eventual mental meltdown and I will end up taking everything to the charity shops!

This wonderful planet that we inhabit is being suffocated by our ignorance. We have lost our connection with nature and no longer feel part of this world. Therefore we feel nothing about destroying it; mostly in the name of small sheets of printed paper that we call money. If this is not collective madness then I’m sure I don’t know what is!

But let’s not get too freaked out by things we cannot change alone.

Only this morning I said to my partner;

“I’m not sure how much longer I can continue to buy food that has plastic wrapping....I feel terrible....there is a huge floating island of plastic in the sea and the animals are dying and.....and...” (Here, I momentarily became speechless with dismay!)

My partner, my wonderful partner, turned to me and calmly said:

“We don’t need to do everything alone. We were born into a society where this kind of consumerism is normal. We can do as much as we can with the options that we have and we can do no more. Don’t stress yourself about things that you cannot change. Plastic is how most of the food here is packaged, just let’s do our part and avoid, as much as we can, the food with plastic on it.”

He is much more present than me sometimes!

But he is right. What can I, alone, do about the floating plastic island in the sea? What can I, alone, do about the people who still have no compassion for the animals that are being slaughtered to feed them?

Alone.....not much.....but, together, my friends......we can start a revolution! We can make the choice to honour our home and our feathered, scaly, furry and horned brothers.

Things are changing. WE are changing things! There are huge groups of likeminded people who have awoken to the fact that we are one.....we are all made up of the same 92 chemical compounds, and all of us were born from the same star.

We are the same as the cows in the meadow and the fish in the ocean. We are the same as the trees in the forest and the towering mountains.

As a group of Vegetarians and Vegans we have taken the first choices towards becoming a more enlightened race. A race that holds the Earth and all who dwell upon her in the highest regard. We are the catalyst for a change that is coming to the world!

We can show others by our lifestyle choices that we are perfectly healthy, happy and lovely individuals. We should never push our beliefs onto others, but we can lead by example!

For me, we are all “acts of green” and we will be the deep breath before the plunge into the new way of thinking.

So this day, let’s recognise our beautiful planet and sing praise for the life that she gives us and all the wonderful natural abundance that sustains our every need.

Let’s celebrate this wonderful Earth, not only for today...but every day of the year from now on.

One billion acts of green.....doesn’t seem so much after all!


eva@coco+me said...

BRAVO! Well said. Reminds me of my fave quote: "Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world." So true. :o)

thebluewindmill said...

Yay! Well-said!
Happy Earth Day!

Katkin said...

Thanks guys!
Was a real pleasure to write something I feel so strongly about :-)

SilentLotus Creations said...

Wonderful piece! :D Thank you so much for sharing it- I'm so happy that you did! :) xo

Heather said...

Well said, Happy Earth Day! I also try to not buy items in plastic or use plastic bags. The items I do buy in plastic, get reused some how or other. I know it's tiny. But it's something, better than nothing. I'm purchasing something called a Tiffin pot or a steel container for carry-out foods to be carried home in. That makes me feel ever so much better.

Heather said...

*Oh bento box is the other name for tiffin box. I do think some folks on etsy make them from recycled items too.. even better!

Madame Chausseurs said...

I live in a corner of Southern Texas where "GREEN" hasn't quite become a serious cultural player, but it's creeping in! I am so excited to see the increasing numbers of shoppers with their own bags, the stores that now have bins for recycling plastic bags, the popping up of resale shops everywhere - the billion acts of GREEN are contagious:-) We're gaining ground Veggies!!!!! said...

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