Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Finds - Earth Day Fun

Happy Earth Day! Today I thought it would be fun to do an Earth Day Blog treasury all about the Earth. These are items from our lovely Etsy Veggers that are either green, blue or have some earth type theme to them. Enjoy!

Bluegrass and Lime Leaf Veins - Ready to Ship - Upcycled Earrings by Kathleen Marie Kelly

Lil Bunny Amongst The Carrots, 5 x 7 Fine Art Print by The Blue Windmill

Summer Swirls Necklace by Bella Tu Jewelry

Malcolm - 12-24 month hat with stripes by the Anecdotes

Nispero Seeds Loquat by Pixie Pod

Custom spiral plugs by Sweet Obsolete

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thebluewindmill said...

Happy Earth Day!