Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pet of the Week: Revco's Howling Moment

Sometimes EtsyVeggers find their companion animals doing something funny, cute, or silly...
What better place to share it than here!

 This weeks cute moment belongs to Revco, companion howler to
Veronica from Scrappy Rat.

"Revco is always doing something goofy. I often post my pets' silliness
on my blog, and this week I caught this picture of him
throwing his head back in an enthusiastic howl, clearly feeling the
call of the wild while clad in his cuddly little Christmas sweater
with the wee little pom pom on the hood. Such a wild thing. As I
mentioned on my blog, I recently discovered that he will start howling
if you say "Woot woot" or "Peep boop boop", which leads me to believe
that he has a great distrust for robots and feels he must rally his
fellow canines against the coming invasion. What a nut.
(Howling actually is used by dogs to send the message, "Hey I'm over
here! Where are you?" It's a long, sustained noise that carries well
so dogs can find each other if they are lost or have become separated
from the group. They will also howl as a communal cry of unity when
waking up or heading out together. In this particular photo, Revco was
howling to my husband who had just left the pack to go outside to get
something out of the car. Revco, as best I can tell, can't believe
anyone would ever leave him behind on purpose, so he has to howl to
say, "Oh no! You must be lost! I'll help you find your way back."

Learn more about Revco, HERE.
Posted by JFillustrations


kelly beth said...

adorable! thank you for sharing! <3

Heather said...

LOL! He's so cute! My little Minnie does something funny too. If I rub her on her sides & say I've got a Chihuahua & I'm not afraid to use it, she will start barking like a machine gun. It's hilarious! Thanks for sharing Revco with us, he's so cute! <3 the sweater!

FireHorse3 said...

lol what a cutie - great post and kisses to howling Revco! :)

Sinister Soaps said...

So cute! Revco just made my night! <3