Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pet of the Week: Ms. kitty face

Meet kitty face.
She is a companion kitty to Kelly Beth of Twigs & Leaf Botanicals
What is your pet's name, birthday, sex, breed? Her name is kitty face (all lowercase) and she is about 11 years old. We have no idea what her birthday is, or what "kind" of cat, except for a beautiful one.

Where/how did you come up with their name?
When we got her, her name was "spice" on her paperwork, and the girl who left her called her "spooky boots". she never answered to any of these. We eventually gave up trying to find a name she answered to, and realized that she always answered if kelly called out to her "kitty face" so it just stuck. but look at that cute kitty face!

How did you meet your pet?  Were they Adopted, rescued or other?
Kitty face is a rescue cat, that was saved by a girl who was moving out of a house that we ended up taking. She couldn't take kitty face with her, because she already had 4 cats where she was going. So i came over a few times to get to know a then scared & hissy cat that was terrified of everything, before i moved in and became just some stranger she had to deal with again. I agreed to take her, so she wasn't uprooted from yet another home or put in a shelter. She was abused her entire life, and was an entirely different cat when we got her.  She wouldn't come anywhere near anyone without a lot of yelling and hissing, and hid in the bedroom 24/7. She slowly realized that we understood and were letting her take her time with us. She started crawling into bed with us and sleeping in our laps, to now following us around and is all purrs if we hold her--which was unheard of 2 years ago. she's our little furry baby.

I don't know who the girl got her from; but it was a kill shelter and she was going to be put down and that broke her heart.

What are your pet’s favorite toys, foods, snacks, activities?
Kitty face loves anything that resembles a string and can be dragged along the floor. Currently, she loves the really long twist tie from the romaine lettuce. Her favorite activity is sunning herself and sleeping in scott's lap when he's studying.

What are some things you enjoy doing with your pet?
 Cuddling and pushing her over on her side when she protests & making her purr. She loves being pushed over onto her side and being stroked from ear to tail. Very vigorous purring ensues. : )

Do you take them to parks or to see people? 

 Kitty face does not like other cats, but doesn't mind dogs. She just stares at them, perplexed. and she talks too much to really take her in public. "Talking" for her means yelling and carrying on like a crazy lady, which she is, but it's entertaining. She loves to talk to us.

Do you take your pet on vacations with you?
She doesn't like carriers. confined spaces don't sit well with her, which makes me believe she's had some bad experiences. we don't want to recreate that fear in any way.

Does your pet have any special tricks or unique habits?
 If you ask her a question, she'll answer you! If you call her name, she'll come running & talking. She can also sing jingle bells if we sing a duet. She also wakes mom up every morning around 6am by stepping directly on her bladder, no matter where she's laying or what position she's in-kitty will put that paw directly on the bladder. She's figured out that in the morning, if she does this, mom goes downstairs to the bathroom & will see that her food bowl is empty, which means she will fill it. sneaky, sneaky.

How does your pet like going to the vet?  Do s/he *know* when it's
time to see the vet & hide, or do they enjoy the extra attention?

Oh man, pet carriers=the devil.

How do your family members get along with the pet?
Everyone loves her! She's crazy, she talks a lot and will try to trick some people into petting her just so she can yell at them for touching her, but she's all meow, and if you pick her up and hold her like a baby, she just protests (unless she's in the mood to be held, of course). She's a gentle little lamb.

Do you spoil your pet?
Not really, we just treat her like a mix between a baby & grandma. She eats organic, wheat-free foods (she has a grain allergy), and uses feline pine, which is her favorite litter because she can make a whole bunch of noise... yes. Yes, we do spoil her.

What's the most important/special thing your pet adds to your life? 
 Love. We have so much love for her, and she fills each day with so much more importance. The way that she waits for Scott to get back from work by waiting & staring at the door each saturday & sunday at noon, or the way we miss her and feel so guilty for just leaving her alone for one night... she's the child that we cannot have.

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Julie said...

She is so cute! I love the first photo of her at the window!

Heather said...

She sounds wonderful!! She reminds me of my Kiwi with the talking. Mine was a mutterer too. Lots of things to say & tell us about--it was that or she was mimicking us & making fun of us for us being so chatty. ;)

Lucy - Lunique Jewellery said...

What a beautiful cat! Hard to believe she was so scared of you to begin with- she looks very content now :-D Our cat 'talks' to us as well, and has a very loud purr. I love it! Thanks for introducing us :-)

Tricia said...

She is precious!

Ambermayhem said...

so sweet! I am so glad all of you take good care of each other :)

FireHorse3 said...

Ahh! I just love this story about kitty face. She is one crazy, lucky and fun cat :o)

kelly beth said...

thank you for the love, everyone! we love our strange & beautiful little girl!

Scrappy Rat said...

What a beautiful kitty! She sounds very fun and sassy, just the way a cat should be. :) You're lucky to have each other!

fern said...

I am Kitty Faces' Mamaw from KY. Everytime Kelly Beth calls she makes sure Kitty Face says hello on the phone and sure enough she says hi.She sure has changed from when we first met.Lots of love made her so much better.

kelly beth said...

it's true, it's true! thank you for the love, momma!

Veganessa said...

adorable kittyface. lovely to hear about you.

Rebecca said...

Oh how I LOVE these photos of this kitty! What a sweetheart... and such great poses! Thanks for sharing... great interview!

Dandee said...

What an awesome kitty! She is the same coloring as our kitty sisters, Kate and Lucy. I'm so happy kitty face found such a loving home with you guys!

Ginny Huber said...

what a sweet kitty with a fantastic family! makes me smile and almost purr!

thebluewindmill said...

What a sweet kitty face!!!
So glad she found a loving home with you!