Monday, January 17, 2011

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary & Etsyveg Raffle!!

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary & Etsyveg have teamed up!

From their blogpost:

Love unique jewelry? From now through January, enter our raffle when you sponsor an animal at WFAS! Sponsorships make wonderful gifts and directly provide loving care to our residents. All the handmade vegan items from vegan and vegetarian artisans have been donated to Etsy Veg to help raise funds for WFAS. The raffle items include a selection of necklaces, earrings, rings, a pendant, and notecards and are offered in four prize packages listed below. Check out the photos below featuring some of the fabulous items!

Raffle Prize Package 1:
$15 Voucher to a photo shop
Rabbit pendant
Earrings & Ring

Raffle Prize Package 2:
$15 Gift voucher to a photo shop
Necklace 2

Raffle Prize Package 3:
$10 Gift Voucher from photo shop
Two rings

Raffle Prize Package 4:
8×10 Photo & one handmade photo pin
(winner can choose photo & the photo used for the pin)
Two rings

Head on over to their website, and sponsor an animal who really needs YOU!

--Heather :)

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