Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sprouting a Fresh Start

Inspired by January and the Etsyveg team theme for this month of "Fresh Start" I thought I would share with you what I am doing in Pixiepod´s garden. I enjoy sprouting seeds and beans, not just for their nutritious value but because I love the idea of all that goodness in such a little package.

In the photo you can see lots of bare earth, this is one of my beds in the vegetable garden. I have just sewn some cress seeds and some lettuce seeds, all over the bed and watered well. I hope to acheive a huge amount of cress and lettuce. I will thin the plants out regularly and create an abundant source of sprouts to eat, without the usual jars of sprouting going on in the kitchen, I´ll just maybe have one on the go.

If it fails, perish the thought, I can turn the soil and feed the earth with the sprouts, this is called green manure. Alfalfa makes a great choice for this or mustard but hey ho, I had cress and lettuce and I like them "big" too.

I hope I can post some photos of my bed ablaze of green shoots so watch this space. I will post any failures too! xx I am making lots of fresh starts in the garden this year, new areas being created and existing areas being developed, if you are interested check out my blog


Gina said...

Good luck with your garden! I'll be planting some lettuce soon, a first for me but the arugula did well so I'm hopeful for the lettuce. Happy fresh start growing!

pixiepod said...

thank you Gina, I am sure your lettuce will do well! Mmm nothing beats the freshness of growing your own. xx