Monday, January 3, 2011

EtsyVeg Member Monday: Stasya from Glycosidic!

Meet EtsyVeg member, Stasya from Glycosidic! This is what she has to tell us...

Etsy is a unique blend of artists with many different creative styles and approaches.  What is your own "philosophy" or approach to creativity?I think my approach to creativity is a rather practical one. The concept of origami cards arose to me because I love snail-mailing however found it difficult to send origami models in the post, because they generally don’t sit flat in an envelope. Thus I designed various cards utilising various origami models that do look good flat, and on a card.

I also make small-scale models that are easily sent as presents. In the past I fuelled my love for origami using small scrap pieces of paper from school work, so I have developed a skill for folding small and intricate things from various odds and ends. I found it wasteful to throw away the paper (recycling facilities are extremely limited where I went to school) along with all the other rubbish, so I found it fun and practical to turn them into little animals and other things. So you could say that I try to be creative based on what limited resources I have.

What are your creative inspirations?  I love nature so I find this is often reflected in my work. My favourite things to make are flowers and butterflies.

How did you get started creating? 
I was quite young when I first learnt origami (about 10) - my violin teacher had lent me and my brother an origami book. At first my brother got into it, and then I followed suit. I’m the only one still folding!

What other artistic tendencies do you have?  Do you have other crafty/artsy skills that you already do or would like to try?I’m quite good at playing the piano. I’ve tended to stick to Classical music although I’m starting to appreciate other genres too now. I learnt a little crocheting a few years ago. It has turned in useful – I made myself an iPod cozy!

What would you like to try to make, that you haven't already? What is your dream project?If you had asked me a few years ago, I might have answered “a thousand cranes”. I actually got up to 400+ very small cranes. But I’ve realised that creativity is more than doing the same thing again and again a thousand times.

I think it’s the small steps that count, so I’d love to improve my folding of origami roses. They are not the typical origami flower with petals that stick out (e.g. the traditional iris) and involve twisting the paper, something I don’t think I have quite artistically captured yet.

Do you have any other hobbies/interests/passions?I love snail mailing and gardening. Receiving and sending snail mail is so exciting! It takes thought and emotion to write a proper letter and it’s amazing that there are still people out there of my own age who like snail mail.

Ever since I was young, I’ve dreamt of having my own little garden, with flowers and veg. I still vaguely remember using a little plastic chair as a wheelbarrow and pretending to ‘harvest’ plastic fruits I had scattered on the house floor! There is a certain magic in planting a seed/cutting and then getting a lovely plant with flowers or fruit. It’s fantastic to have my own garden now; and enjoy my flowers and fruit/vegetables.

How long have you been on Etsy, and are you an Etsy addict?  :)I’ve been on Etsy for slightly over a month. I must admit, I’ve never been this appreciative of handmade products before I arrived on Etsy. Being a seller just makes you realise how much effort you put into your products, and how rewarding a sale can be. So yes, I do enjoy spending my time on Etsy and helping out other handcrafters like me J However as a full time student with limited time and funds, I do have to balance this out with my studies.

What are your future plans for your shop/business?I’ve always dreamt of running a charity crafts shop. I hope to be able to make enough to donate a sizable sum (dare I dream something like £500 or about US$780) to charity! I’ve been considering Hope and Homes for Children, although I might chose to donate to a variety of charities instead.

How long have you been vegan/vegetarian?  How does being veg play into the rest of your life?Having to cook for myself (when I was about 16) has been an eye-opener into the ethics of what we eat. I am a vegetarian simply because I feel better being so; and also for the following reasons:

Perhaps long ago, meat-eating may have been justified and helped us develop our human brains. But these days, all kinds of food are readily available so there is no food shortage. We also know more about nutrition, and how it is possible to live a vegetarian life without suffering malnutrition. For example, eating a mix of pulses and cereals ensures complete intake of all the essential amino acids.

In addition, there is such cruelty in the meat industry. My mum has bought free-range, organic chicken whose flesh showed signs of abuse (e.g. deep bruises). The whole business of rearing animals with thoughts and feelings solely to eat them also is quite uncomfortable to me, especially as we DON’T need to eat meat to survive.

It is very rare that a person of East-Asian ethnicity is a vegetarian except for religious reasons – meat is simply considered a staple on the dining plate to be eaten as well as other dishes. But I have persisted because I am strongly motivated to be a vegetarian. I just don’t like killing unnecessarily, especially when there are so many meat substitutes out there anyway like Quorn.

What is the last recipe you made?  What are your food vices or cravings?I made this lush apple cake based on this recipe: Lovely!

Cravings… they tend to vary from time to time. Sweet – things like toffee waffles and apple crumble. Savoury – Shin Ramyun instant noodles!

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thebluewindmill said...

So glad to "meet" you!! Really wonderful shop!! Such detailed work and love the antelopes!

Maggie said...

Nice to learn more about you Stasya.

Big Bad Art said...

Mmm...will have to check out that recipe. Thanks for sharing- it was nice to learn more about you.
BTW- I love snail mail too:)

FireHorse3 said...

Hi Stasya! Lovely to meet you and hear all about your creative journey. I used to live in Oxfordshire, so know that area well!

Heather said...

Nice to meet you!! Lovely work!

GiGi said...

Nice to meet you and learn a little about you and your craft! lovely work!

Stasya said...

Thanks people :)

Lucy - Lunique Jewellery said...

Great to meet you :-D I love snail mail too- have you seen Postcrossing? You might enjoy it, and I'm sure you could make your own postcards to send!

SilentLotus Creations said...

So awesome to 'meet' you, Stasya! :D