Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Etsyveg Has Toys!

The Penguin is from my friend Christina's shop KnittyKrissy. She also created my banner & avatar set for me, in my shop. The cuteh grey kitteh is from SassandPeril. So adorable! She has MADD skilz! Love her stuff! The coolest pirate bunny I've ever seen is from Pandawithcookie! Not only is she a skilled baker, sewer she also has an awesome catted one named, Bran. I love hearing about his adventures. Of course if you buy all these lovelies, you need something to keep them in, am I right? Check this out, it's a fabulous bag & it's vegan too! You can find it in the sewjennie shop. Lastly to round things out, these lovely wool play foods will keep your little one cooking & playing for hours. They are made by the fairtradefamily.

Need more cute items? Check out our Etsyveg Marketplace here. We have everyone in the group listed & more to add as time goes on. You can see links to their shops & a couple of examples & click to see more! Or just go directly to etsy.com and search etsyveg team. So much fun, can I call this my hobby officially? I just love searching on etsy & buying handmade. It's so much fun!

XOXO Heather :)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

EtsyVeg Member Monday: Kathryn Hansen

Meet EtsyVeg member Kathryn from www.kathrynhansen.com
This is what she had to tell us...

Etsy is a unique blend of artists with many different creative styles and approaches.  What is your own "philosophy" or approach to creativity?
 Well, for me, I feel like I have no choice but to create…it’s such an integral part of who I am. I have  a very difficult time tho sticking to just one medium, as I need to express myself through many different avenues, such as drawing, photography, painting and collage. Not having a cohesive body of work makes it way more challenging to sell, but I am trying to figure out a way right now to bundle these different areas/interests in such a way as to make a very unique e-course down the road.  That’s my dream project, combining all these creative mediums along with a sprinkling of metaphysics and self-growth into PDF’s, then eventually an e-course and teaching!

What do you sell in your Etsy shop?
I have two Etsy shops: in one I sell hand-drawn animal portraits along with offering commissions so people can have their own pet or loved one celebrated in graphite! My other shop contains photographs of the San Gabriel Mountains and my travels to Africa.

What are your creative inspirations? 
 I find inspiration all around me and in a variety of different ways from quotes, to nature, to my animals, to just walking around and observing with my camera. A beautiful sunset or the way the light hits an object to seeing other artists work on line and in galleries. Plus I have an overflowing shelf of inspiring books and objects I’ve collected from nature or other artists.

Do you have any other hobbies/interests/passions?
 Yes…way too many! Hiking, reading, volunteering, going to the movies and theater, hanging with my two daughters, creating, being with friends and family.

Is etsy a large part of your business? How else do you market your work?
 Etsy is a part of my business, but you can get buried very fast these days on Etsy, so to rely solely on it is not a great business plan. I also get out into the public by participating in local art fairs, showing in galleries, I’m on ArtSlant and Myartspace,  I enter art competitions and I advertise.

How long have you been vegan/vegetarian?  How does being veg play into the rest of your life?
 I have been a vegetarian for 20 years now. I was a vegan for a short time but when I got pregnant with my first daughter all I craved was dairy and cheetos…so I had to give up being a vegan. I’ve never gone back to being a vegan because, well… I’m from WI, so I love me some cheese!!

I became a vegetarian for ethical reasons but I think it’s helped me in life to remain very healthy and to stay slim, especially as I am going through menopause now, where my metabolism has really slowed down.

What is the last recipe you made?  What are your food vices or cravings?
 My food vices are definitely chips or crackers…I love salty foods! But I find that if I don’t deny myself and just have a little every day, it’s really not a problem!

Posted by Julia of JFillustrations.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's All in The Bag!

It's time! Vegan Craft Samples are now up for sale & ready to order!

Our dear friend, Heather of HolisticallyHeather is selling craft samples on her site here.

100% of the proceeds go to Joey's Feline Friends. From their site: "Joey's was founded in 1997 by Tedra Villaroz and received it's non-profit status in 1998. Since their inception, they have provided services to approximately 1000 cats, shelter for over 700, and found homes for approximately 300 cats a year (and need to find many more!)

They have provided quality care for over 50 terminally ill cats. They also provide spay and neuters for colony cats and shelter cats, and assist in rescues and provide advice to those seeking information on special-needs cats, behavioral problems, and other issues."

What a great way to try out some new to you sellers & also help a wonderful charity at this time of gift giving & merriment!!

Check them out!!

--Heather :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pet of the Week: Meet MeMe, the Cat!

Meet MeMe, fellow cat companion to EtsyVeg member
 Jennifer from Brass & Chain

What is your pet's name, birthday, sex, breed?

My pet’s name is MeMe. He was adopted by my husband and I five years ago, from the Dayton Humane Society on August 14, 2005. We are not really sure when his real birthday is but, our vet believes that he is around ten years old today. He is a Flame Tip Persian Himalayan.

Where/how did you come up with their name?

When we adopted him the shelter had given him the name Blaze but, he had not been there very long and had not learned his name yet. At home I would baby talk to him, trying to get him to meow, and I would say, “Me Me Mow Mow.” After a week or so we notice that he wouldn’t come if we called him Blaze but, he would if we called him MeMe. So, that's his name now! It really suits him now because he is spoiled rotten and he thinks it’s all about him.

How did you meet your pet?

As I said above, my husband and I adopted him from the Dayton Humane Society. We had only been married for a month and he is our first and only pet. Originally we went to get a kitten that I had seen featured on the news. We really wanted a short haired kitten. When we got to the shelter they told us that they had a lot of interest in their kittens. Hearing this we decide to adopt an older cat because, we were sure the kittens would be able to find homes. While we were in the Cat Room a volunteer came in and sat MeMe on floor. While, I was walking around he came right up to me, put his paw on my leg, and meowed. I looked at my husband and smiled. He knew there was no fighting it! We told the volunteer we really wanted to give him a home.  They told us that he had been found on the street a few weeks ago and had been brought to them in bad condition. And as fate would have it that day was to first day he was up for adoption.

Do he *know* when it's time to see the vet & hide, or
do they enjoy the extra attention?

Our groomer moved last year so, I have been grooming him myself. I am very picky about who I take him to and so far I haven’t found another groomer. He definitely knows when its bath time! As soon as I start pulling out his brush, shampoo, and start running the bath water he is hiding.
Usually he tries to hide under my husband feet.

What are some things you enjoy doing with your pet?

MeMe loves string and anything that looks like it, of course. He is always trying to attack my chain when I am making jewelry items for my etsy shop.  He also loves boxes. No matter what size the box he will find a way to get in it!

Does your pet have any special tricks or unique habits?
MeMe's main talent is talking. He meows a lot and he meows loud. He will definitely let you know when he wants more attention.

Posted by Julia of JFillustrations.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Human Arrogance

The world, we are told, was made especially for man – a presumption not supported by all the facts.… Why should man value himself as more than a small part of the one great unit of creation?
~John Muir, naturalist and explorer (1838–1914)

Adopt A Turkey

Thanksgiving week can be difficult for vegetarians and vegans. I am saddened by the staggering number of turkeys that are slaughtered for this holiday. Several sources, including PETA, share that nearly 45 million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving alone. That is just for one day!

To do my part to reject this tradition, my husband and I attend the Triangle Vegetarian's Society Vegan Thanksgiving celebration in Durham, NC. This celebration welcomes over 800 people to
share in an all vegan, cruelty-free meal. It is a pretty awesome event with wonderful food and great people.

We thought we needed to do more this year, so we decided to Adopt-A-Turkey through the Farm Sanctuary. The Farm Sanctuary rescues turkeys and places them into loving homes. Now, we didn't actually get a turkey to come and live at our home, we just donated money to have a turkey saved. The organization a
lso has adoption events, educates the public, and provides resources for cruelty free holiday eating. I hope next year to save two turkeys, but this year we started with one.

As you think about giving thanks this year, consider adopting a turkey, eating a vegetarian/vegan Thanksgiving meal, and taking a stand against animal cruelty.

So, let's share. What are you and your family doing to help animals this holiday? Even small things make a difference!

Monday, November 22, 2010

October's "October Ghouls" Creative Challenge Winner!

October's "October Ghouls" Creative Challenge entries were voted on over the past week, and one creepy entry was chosen winner! The creepiest of the crop is "Dark Tree With Moon" painted by Jen O'Connell Paintings and Original Artwork. Congratulations, Jen! Way to go! :D

Thanks so much to everyone who entered and voted! :)

Extra Special Irish Oats

Here is a recipe for some extra special oatmeal. Irish oatmeal has a chewy texture and a really nutty flavor, it's delicious. This recipe gives them a little extra boost. They take a little longer to cook, so I usually make a big batch, so that I have leftovers to warm up throughout the week.
For more recipes, please visit my blog - Gilding Lilies Journal.

Extra Special Irish Oats
4 1/8 cup   Water
1 cup Traditional Irish Oatmeal
2 Tbsp Ground flax seeds
2 Tbsp Maple Syrup
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1/4 tsp cinnamon
pinch salt

Combine all the ingredients in a medium saucepan and stir. Over medium/high heat bring to a boil. Stir again, then reduce heat and simmer uncovered for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Avoid over cooking so that they maintain that nice nutty flavor. Serve with almond milk, a little Earth Balance buttery spread.  You can also add blueberries or sliced banana and nuts. Makes 4 servings. 
By Jennifer - Gilding Lilies

EtsyVeg Member Monday: Lucy from Lunique Jewellery

Meet Lucy, EtsyVeg Member, and Etsy shop owner of Lunique Jewellery
Lucy & Monty

This is what she had to tell us about her work, interests, and being a vegetarian...

Etsy is a unique blend of artists with many different creative styles and approaches.  What is your own "philosophy" or approach to creativity?
When I'm making something I always think 'would I wear this' (if it's jewellery) or 'would I like to have this in my home or receive it as a gift'? If the answer's yes I'll offer it to other people as I figure I can't be the only one who'd like it! And if the answer is no then that particular piece is dismantled and I can re-use the beads/fabric elsewhere!
                                         What do you sell in your Etsy shop? 
Lucy's Signature 
Swarovski Earrings
Mostly jewellery- necklaces, earrings and bracelets, but also cushion covers as I love to sew too. I'm currently working on a new (top secret) product range... watch this space!

What are your creative inspirations?
Usually nature- animals, plants, the elements... Ideas are constantly coming to me for new designs and colour combinations.

Clemmy, the Tortoise
 How did you get started creating?
I've been making things for as long as I can remember. I loved paper crafts, making models and sewing. I even took scissors and glue with me on holiday- once when I was about 7 we went to Majorca in the Balearic Islands and I constructed a tiny model of the harbour! I was very sad when we had to leave it there as we couldn't get it in the luggage to come home! 
A friend got me into jewellery-making a few years ago and I really enjoyed it. After finding Etsy I got even more into it!

How long have you been on Etsy, and are you an Etsy addict?  :)
I joined in spring 2009, and I am most definitely an addict! I spend a lot more than I make so it's quite a dangerous site! But there are so many talented artists and crafters, I just can't resist!

Do you have any other hobbies/interests/passions?
Postcard Lucy Received from Finland
I'm very interested in animals and conservation, and I'm an 'armchair activist' for charities like Born Free, RSPCA, WWF and WSPA. Apart from the many crafts I mentioned, my main hobby is Postcrossing- the postcard crossing project. It's a brilliant way to meet people from all over the world, make new friends and I now have a collection of some really beautiful postcards!

What other artistic tendencies do you have?  Do you have other crafty/artsy skills that you already do or would like to try?
I do allsorts- card-making, decoupage, knitting, embroidery, cross-stitch, photography... But the one thing I'd really love to try is woodwork. I'd love to carve something from wood or make a little piece of furniture.

Is etsy a large part of your business? How else do you market your work? 
It's probably the main part, but I also do craft fairs and advertise locally. So far my main customers are family and friends!

What are your future plans for your shop/business?
I hope to grow my business and make a living from it, but that will all depend on my university work and my health so I'll just have to wait and see...
Monty, the cat, with Puffy & Diddy
How long have you been vegan/vegetarian?  How does being veg play into the rest of your life?
When I was about 3 I found out sausages were made of pig and stopped eating most meat, though I still had some chicken and fish. But I stopped eating all meat and fish when I was around 12.

What is the last recipe you made?  
I don't really like cooking meals but do like to bake cakes and cookies! I recently made Parkin (a traditional Yorkshire cake) for Bonfire Night, and a banana and chocolate chip cake.

What are your food vices or cravings?
Unfortunately my love of chocolate and cheese are stopping me from becoming vegan, though I've not ruled it out just yet!

What is your favorite vegan/vegetarian store/restaurant/blog/website?
The EtsyVeg blog of course! But Viva (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals) is a close second :-)

Photo by Lucy at a Local Beach

Posted by Julia of JFillustrations.

Where do you buy your seeds?

I wanted to share with you Etsy Veggies a blog I published on my blog, http://pixiepod-pixiepod.blogspot.com about herbs and seeds being a great gift idea and also to raise the importance of where you buy your herbs and seeds from. We are obviously concerned these days where we buy our fruit and veg from and for the meat eaters their meat but we never seem concerned about the quality of our seeds or our herbs, or maybe we are. I hope so, I like to think I am doing my bit for Mother Earth and producing a garden that nature and nurture work hand in hand. At Pixiepod´s Garden the sun doesn´t always shine and it is hard work but I do it ethically and environmentally, so please stop by my etsy store today to see what is on the shelves and read my blog for gift inspiration.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Peppermint Patty

Hi everybody, it's me again, Jennifer from Gilding Lilies. I'm here to share another holiday treat recipe. Also, I wanted to mention that I am participating in Vegan MoFo (Vegan Month Of Food) over on my blog, so there are lots of fun veg posts to see. Stop by and visit, if you have the chance.
Now for the recipe.

Peppermint Patty
2 Tbsp plus 2 tsp corn syrup (aka half of your 1/3 measuring cup)
1/8 cup  Earth Balance Margarine
1 3/4 cups powdered sugar (break up the lumps if there are any)
3/4 teaspoons of peppermint oil/extract
1/2 a bag of vegan chocolate chips (I use Tropical Source)

Whip together the syrup, margarine, and peppermint. Slowly add the sugar, a little at a time, while mixing. You will end up with a crumbly, dry mixture.
Pick up small handfuls of the mixture and start to press into patty shapes. Place them on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Pop them into the frig, to chill,  while you get the chocolate ready.
Melt the chips until stir-able and a little shiny looking. Turn the heat way down so it doesn't burn. Quickly dunk the patties in the chocolate. Place on a non stick surface. When all the patties are done, I put them back in the frig again to firm up a bit, and temper the chocolate.
A perfect little treat for the holidays.

EtsyVeg Member Monday: Tiffany from Fair Trade Family!

Meet Tiffany from Fair Trade Family. This is what she had to tell us...
Etsy is a unique blend of artists with many different creative styles and approaches.  What is your own "philosophy" or approach to creativity?
I love creating gentle, happy products inspired by the beautiful colors and shapes and textures of nature.  I also think it is important to have fun while creating, adding little happy thoughts to each item I make.

What do you sell in your Etsy shop?

I sell mostly natural play foods made from vegan-friendly cotton or fuzzy wool. Over the last six years I have made every fruit and vegetable you could imagine, espressos con panna, mexican and indian feasts, and hundreds of cupcakes, cookies, and slices of pie. I also make lots of custom knitted and crocheted longies, shorties, and skirties for cloth diapering.  I added apple cozies and cell phone cozies in the last year to our menu.
What are your creative inspirations?
I love food in a way that might be odd for a raw food vegan.  I watch reality cooking shows with passion.  I love cutting and chopping and dicing.  I get the warm fuzzies in the produce department of whole foods or in a friend's garden.  We go to the farmer's market every week.  The bright, happy colors of food excited me!

How did you get started creating?
A neighbor taught me to crochet when I was 5 years old and I have loved to play with yarn since.  I didn't really get super excited about crafting as a business or the specific products I make now until my fourth son was born. 

What other artistic tendencies do you have?  Do you have other crafty/artsy skills that you already do or would like to try?
I love painting and working with pastels when i can (but rarely do).  I would love to work more with wood when my kids are grown since I loved creating designs with a wood burning kit when i was young.  I have been watching a friend embroider tea towels with fruits and veggies and I became super jealous.  Her tiny little eggplants and stalks of celery made me want to take up a new craft right now.

What would you like to try to make, that you haven't already? What is
your dream project?
When the kids are all a bit older and we are approaching empty nest syndrome, I plan to get started on making our own natural material, organic mattress.  Spending 7-10 hours on bedding that could be toxic frightens me.  I would also love to learn to quilt.

Do you have any other hobbies/interests/passions?
I love to write, the creative process or the academic one, or just take notes.  I like the process of writing and the actual act of putting pen to paper.  I also play canasta nearly every week with my friends, a diverse group of moms, college students, women in their 50s, men in their 40s.  We are really competitive.  I also am passionate about health, nutrition, and fitness.  I research health topics daily and work out hard several days per week.

How long have you been on Etsy, and are you an Etsy addict?  :)  
I have been on etsy since July 2006 and I love browsing all the stores, finding unique gifts and fun items for our family.

Is etsy a large part of your business? How else do you market your work?
I started out on hyenacart and had my first thousand or so sales there, and was excited about the diverse and fun cloth diapering, natural parenting community there, but etsy has such a huge worldwide market and I have been really pleased with my sales on etsy over the years.

What are your future plans for your shop/business?
I am really happy where I am at: inspired by the world around me and crafting what makes me smile and what the customers ask for.  It is a
great place to be and fits in with my large family.  I would love to be more available and attentive to the teams and congos I work with, and more on top of photography and listing, but I love the size of my business right now.

How long have you been vegan/vegetarian?  How does being veg play into the rest of your life?
I have been vegetarian for over 15 years, and when my husband and I decided to get married over 14 years ago he, too, became a vegetarian (although a few times over the last few years he has tried sushi, which i won't do).  Our children have been lifelong vegetarians.  A few months ago I converted to raw food veganism and it has been an amazing thing for my health.  A year ago I weighed 224 pounds and now I am 168 pounds and every day getting stronger and healthier and losing weight.  It is a challenge for my husband, though, a marathon runner who has recently dropped another 20 pounds from his very lean strong frame.  We pay careful attention to our foods making sure the children are eating plenty of whole grains, vegetable proteins, and healthy fats.  We all eat green smoothies with what we need for our individual bodies.  It is a huge part of our life, but that's because we know how important vegetarianism is for our health.

What is the last recipe you made?  What are your food vices or
I like to make raw soups based in soaked cashews and raw crackers made by dehydrating blended veggies.  I love treating myself with marinated mushrooms from whole foods olive bar and raw chocolate bars from a local restaurant.

What is your favorite vegan/vegetarian store/restaurant/blog/website?
I love Blue Nile in Tempe, Arizona.  It is an Ethiopian restaurant focusing on vegetarian items, many of which are organic.  It also has a raw food menu for me and an extensive raw food menu on sundays and mondays.  I love their raw tacos with mango salsa and the super duper green soup with sprouts.  They have an amazing chewy raw onion bread sandwich piled high with ripe tomatoes and creamy avocado and spicy mustard.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pet of the Week: Meet Abby, the Lovely Dachshund

Meet Abby, fellow Dachshund companion to EtsyVeg Member, Jennifer from Gilding Lilies.
What is your pet's name, birthday, sex, breed?
Abby is a 10 year old, female, Dachshund
Where/how did you come up with their name?
She already had her name when she came to live with me. 
How did you meet your pet?  Were they Adopted, rescued or other?
I saw an add in the newspaper. Believe it, or not, she was too big, and with her energy, she wasn't working out with the other pets in the house.
What are your pet’s favorite toys, foods, snacks, activities?
She loves to chew on raw carrots, run in the yard, dig holes, and go for rides.
What are some things you enjoy doing with your pet?
We like to run around the house hiding and chasing each other. I also like 
the quiet times when she sits right by me. We are really tight.
Do you take them to parks or to see people?
Abby loves to go out anywhere and everywhere. She loves to sniff new stuff.
Do you take your pet on vacations with you?
It depends where I'm going. If she can go, she does. If not, 
a friend stays with her and keeps her company. 
Does your pet have any special tricks or unique habits? 
She keeps her trim figure by taking one kibble at a time, tossing it in the air, 
pouncing on it, and then rolling on it as though it is the worlds best 
back scratcher. Super silly! 
How does your pet like going to the vet?  Do s/he *know* when it's 
time to see the vet & hide, or do they enjoy the extra attention?
She actually doesn't mind too much. It's an outing, so she is up for it.
How do your family members get along with the pet?
Everybody loves Abby.
Do you spoil your pet?
Only with love.
What's the most important/special thing your pet adds to your life?
I can feel how much she loves me, and it feels so good (I love her too,
of course). I'm also thankful for the giggles she brings me. 
Anything else you would like to add? 
She is as playful now, as she was when she was a puppy. She has a few more aches and pains (her back sometimes bothers her, which is common for this breed) but she is one fun loving girl. She loves to go for rides in the truck, and sniff new stuff. She is smart too. She taught me that when you make coffee, you must also give the dog a treat. It works every time, I was trained by the best. I love this little dog so much! We are the best of friends. I think these pictures really show her true character. One photo shows her joyfully running through the yard and you can absolutely see the smile on that dogs face. The other picture shows her with her paw in the air. This is the way she stands whenever she enthusiastically wags her tail. Her joy is contagious, and she brightens my days!

Friday, November 12, 2010

October's "October Ghouls" Creative Challenge Entries- Vote for Your Fave!

October's "October Ghouls" challenge entries are in! Between now and Thursday, November 18th vote here for your favorite creation. The winning veg artisan will be featured in a prominent ad on the EtsyVeg blog for the next month. Yay!

A big congrats to last month's challenge winner, Celeste of CricketsCreations, who was chosen as the top entry by voters!

See the poll below to vote!

Stay tuned until Friday, November 19th for the voting results! Good luck challenge participants, and thanks to everyone for voting!

Look for details on November's "Veggie Harvest" monthly challenge on the blog. And please join in the creative fun! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vegetarian Thanksgiving

(Photo courtesy: New York Times)
This is a link to the New York Times delectable collection of vegetarian thanksgiving recipes.

Broccolli, Walnuts and Potato Bake


Vegetables (can be frozen, that´s what I use out of season)

Mushrooms (tinned)

Chick Peas


Gravy mix (vegetarian substitute, gluten, yeast and wheat free "Free & Easy")
Worcester sauce (GF, V, "Life" free from range)

You can use anything that gives that dark brown sauce

Butter or Margarine or any equivalent

Fresh mint from the garden or any other similar herb in season

Nuts and seeds

Walnuts (shelled)
Sunflower seeds (shelled and salted)
Pecans (shelled)


Heat the oven to 180 degrees centigrade or the equivalent

Peel and cut the potatoes into quarters and steam or boil

Whilst they are cooking, put the vegetables and the dry mix for gravy in a pot and let infuse together until they start boiling (if you use fresh vegetables here, add water), let simmer until soft but not stewed through.

Chop up the nuts and seeds finely and set aside

Chop up the mint and set aside

When the potatoes are ready, mash them with the butter, mint and you can add a few chopped onions here if you like.

Take the vegetable mixture from the pot and pour into an oven proof dish and top with the mashed potatoes, sprinkle the chopped nuts and seeds onto the top, put little nobs of butter on top for extra browning and bake in the centre of the oven for 30 minutes, that´s it, a lovely hearty, crunchy topped vegetable bake.

Check out my store for 2for1 offers on! Pixiepod xx

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Making the Connection

I hope you take the 30 minutes to listen to this incredible video. It covers the reasons why many of us choose a vegan lifestyle. Beautifully made video. I found the link through EtsyVeg member Julia of JFIllustrations, who posted this link in the EtsyVeg discussions. Thanks Julia!


Perhaps you can copy down your favorite quotes from this video and share them.

Join us for November's Creative Challenge- "Veggie Harvest"

You are cordially invited to play, get more involved with the team, get inspired, share your talent, take advantage of some free promotion... get ready for November's team creative challenge!

November's Challenge

This month's "Veggie Harvest" challenge is inspired by the harvest season, a time representative of bounty and gratitude; crisp air tinged by coolness; festive food; and gorgeous changing landscapes (depending on where in the world you may be). The challenge theme is very subjective, so enter whatever handmade creation, vintage item, or supply, new or already listed in your shop, that you think fits the theme! ;)

Each month's challenge entries will be listed on the blog and put up for public vote, the winner receiving an ad for their shop on the team for the entire month following. :) Every 6 months, all 6 winners from the last series of challenges will be put up for a vote together, the top vote getter winning a grand prize! Yay!

Please join in our creative celebration for this month! Here's how to enter...

*Challenge Guidelines*

~Participation is open to any EtsyVeg team member.

~Each member may enter one item. Entry involves simply posting the link to an applicable item in your Etsy shop in September's monthly challenge forum thread and tagging that item with the tag "veggieharvest" (all one word, without the quotations). You must also have your entry tagged with the official team tag, "etsyveg team."

~If an item entered in the challenge sells before the end of the month, please send a convo to the EtsyVeg Etsy shop, including the link to the sold item, so that it can still be included.

~Deadline for entry is Tuesday, November 30th.

~All entries will be featured in a treasury on the EtsyVeg blog next month, to be voted on by the public (EtsyVeg members can vote, too). The top vote-getter will be awarded with an ad for their Etsy shop on the top of the blog sidebar for the entire month until the next winner is chosen. At the end of six months, all winners from the past six months will be up for vote on the blog again, this time eligible to win a grand prize gift!

~All EtsyVeg members (not just participants) are encouraged throughout the month to initiate forum threads about the challenge, make treasuries by doing a tag search for "etsyveg team" with "veggieharvest" and putting only those items in the treasury, or to generate other types of promotion. (If you do any of these, please let everyone know so that we can all post or click to keep it going!)

~Please direct concerns or questions to http://silentlotus.etsy.com/ or http://thebluewindmill.etsy.com/.

Looking forward to seeing what amazing creations you enter! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pumpkin Chip Cookies Recipe

2 1/4 cup flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

2 sticks Earth Balance Margarine

1 1/2 cup brown sugar

1 cup pumpkin puree

3 tsp powdered egg replacer

4 tbsp warm water

1 tsp vanilla extract

10 oz. vegan chocolate chips

1 cup toasted pecans

Combine the flour, baking powder, and spice. In a separate bowl mix the margarine, brown sugar, pumpkin puree, and the vanilla, until fluffy. Combine the egg replacer and the water, once combined, add to the moist ingredients and stir. Mix the dry ingredients, moist ingredients, chips, and the pecans together. Put spoonfuls of the batter onto a greased baking sheet, and bake in a 300 degree oven for about 20-25 minutes. Keep an eye on them, they are done when firm and slightly golden brown. Pumkiny deliciousness!

By Jennifer of gildinglilies
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