Monday, August 30, 2010

Etsyveg received a THANK YOU!!!

Etsyveg Team Thank You!

Our recent charity fund drive netted us a total of $93.25 for our recipient: Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary. They were very happy to hear from us! So much in fact, they sent us a note in return. A very nice 'Thank You' came to us, shown above.

AWWWW, so nice of them. All of us at Etsyveg Thank Suncoast for all the hard work, they all do! The birdies & Etsyveg are proud to have you as friends!

XOXO Heather :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

From my summer reading .....

"Some times the most ordinary things are the ones we learn to miss the most."

from "The Quilter's Apprentice"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Winner of July's "Ocean Breezes" Challenge!

July's "Ocean Breezes" Creative Challenge entries were voted on over the past week, and the results are in! The winner is Meredith of Raven's Craving Studios with her Aqua Chalcedony, River Rock, Sterling Silver and Vintage Brass Necklace. Congratulations, Meredith! Yay!:D

Thanks so much to everyone who entered their amazing creations! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Join Us for August's Creative Challenge- "Life's A Veggie Picnic"

You are cordially invited to play, get more involved with the team, get inspired, share your talent, take advantage of some free promotion... get ready for August's team creative challenge!

August's Challenge

This month's "Life's A Veggie Picnic" challenge is inspired by sunny days under a shady tree, delicious veggie food, enjoying family and friends, relaxation and play, happiness and leisure, and long, sweet days that never end! The challenge theme is very subjective, so enter whatever handmade creation, vintage item, or supply, new or already listed in your shop, fits the theme for you! The theme may be taken literally, but is wide open to any interpretation. ;)

Graphic by Heather of the thebluewindmill.

Each month's challenge entries will be listed on the blog and put up for public vote, the winner receiving an ad for their shop on the team for the entire month following. :) Every 6 months, all 6 winners from the last series of challenges will be put up for a vote together, the top vote getter winning a grand prize! Yay! Our next 6 month voter is later this month!

Please join in our creative celebration for this month! Here's how to enter...

*Challenge Guidelines*

~Participation is open to any EtsyVeg team member.

~Each member may enter one item. Entry involves simply posting the link to an applicable item in your Etsy shop in August's monthly challenge forum thread and tagging that item with the tag "lifesaveggiepicnic" (all one word, without the quotations). You must also have your entry tagged with the official team tag, "etsyveg team."

~If an item entered in the challenge sells before the end of the month, please send a convo to the EtsyVeg Etsy shop, including the link to the sold item, so that it can still be included.

~Deadline for entry is Sunday, August 31st.

~All entries will be featured in a treasury on the EtsyVeg blog next month, to be voted on by the public (EtsyVeg members can vote, too). The top vote-getter will be awarded with an ad for their Etsy shop on the top of the blog sidebar for the entire month until the next winner is chosen. At the end of six months, all winners from the past six months will be up for vote on the blog again, this time eligible to win a grand prize gift! July is month number six!

~All EtsyVeg members (not just participants) are encouraged throughout the month to initiate forum threads about the challenge, make treasuries by doing a tag search for "etsyveg team" with "lifesaveggiepicnic" and putting only those items in the treasury, or to generate other types of promotion. (If you do any of these, please let everyone know so that we can all post or click to keep it going!)

~Please direct concerns or questions to or

Looking forward to seeing what amazing creations you enter! :)

July's "Ocean Breezes" Challenge Entries!

July's "Ocean Breezes" challenge entries are in! Between now and Wednesday, August 18th, vote here for your favorite creation. The winning veg artisan will be featured in a prominent ad on the EtsyVeg blog for the next month. Yay!

A big congrats to last month's challenge winner, Heather of thebluewindmill
, whose "Little Rabbit" fine art print was chosen as the top entry by voters!

See the poll below to vote!

Stay tuned until Thursday, August 19th for the voting results! Good luck challenge participants, and thanks to everyone for voting!

Look for details on August's
monthly challenge on the blog. And please join in the creative fun! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alice Walker

"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men.”

~Alice Walker

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meet Donkey: Member Pet of the Week

(Canine companion of Jessi of Etsy shop The Grotto of Geekery)

What is your pet's name, birthday, sex, breed?

Donkey is a neutered male American Pit Bull Terrier. We estimate that he was about 2 yrs old in September '09.

Where/how did you come up with his name?

He had it when he was surrendered. We think he was named after the Donkey in the movie Shrek.

How did you meet Donkey? Was he Adopted, rescued or other?

I was contacted by PETA to look into a possible hoarding/abuse situation, and while at the residence the owner relinquished Donkey and one other dog.

What are Donkey's favorite toys, foods, snacks, activities?

Donkey has his very own toy box (ok so its really a cauldron, because it matches the living room) where he has a stash of many great toys... like my original Care Bear and Alf dolls he decided he needed more than me, ropes, balls, stuffies that have lost their stuffing and a dangling appendage monkey.

What are some things you enjoy doing with him?

Playing tug of war, fetch, relaxing on the couch, going for walks when its not a million degrees outside, and watching him get the zoomies.

Do you take him to parks or to see people?

Donkey LOVES to go places and meet new people. Especially people who give him treats!

Do you take Donkey on vacations with you?

No vacations for us that require us to be away more than a night.

Does he have any special tricks or unique habits?

He falls asleep with toys in his mouth.

How does he like going to the vet? Does he *know* when it's time to see the vet & hide, or does he enjoy the extra attention?

He's fine at the vet, and loves going for rides and all the love from the people in the waiting room.

How do your family members get along with Donkey?

Great, though he can be a bit too rambunctious for the old folks (we only live with other dogs... oh and our sheep LoL)

Do you spoil him?

Oh yes, most people would say so!

What's the most important/special thing Donkey adds to your life?

I love to see him happy and healthy.

Anything else you would like to add?

Donkey is an amazing dog with a great personality, and I am so happy he came into my life. He was 26 lbs when I picked him up from his former 'home'. He was level 3 emaciated, and after just a few months he was almost 60 lbs. It is amazing that animals can go through so much and still have no hatred of humans. I consider myself very lucky to have been the one that found him that day.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vote for Kristen of Sweet V Confections!

EtsyVeg member Kristen of Sweet V Confections is up for a VegNews Magazine 2010 Veggie Award! Help the team support her, and choose Kristen when you pick your favorite online vegan bakery! Go vote (voting also gets you entered to win some great prizes)! :)

I have tried Kristen's
vegan fudge brownies- moist, chocolatey, and so much like the kind my mom made when I was a kid (the yummy ones from the box)- and her vegan mini chocolate chip cookies- chewy, soft, and delicious! They arrived to me beautifully packaged and smelling divine. Her brownies are on sale right now, just $5 for 8!

Good luck, Kristen! :D I am so excited for and proud of you!

More than a fabulous musician

If you knew how meat was made, you'd probably lose your lunch. 

~k.d. lang

Monday, August 2, 2010

Review of Our Own Bohemian Rose!

My love of handmade goods extends to natural bath and body products, especially when it's obvious that they are crafted with carefully-selected ingredients, and high quality; are body-, animal, and earth-friendly; and made with love. :) The wonderful products of EtsyVeg member Jenn of
Bohemian Rose definitely fit the bill.

I was super lucky to win a package of handcrafted soap and skincare products for the whole body from Jenn of
Bohemian Rose recently! She let me choose my favorite scent in a bar of her handmade soap and my favorite lip balm flavor, and also sent me a fabulous facial scrub and sugar scrub! I've tried both soap and lip balm from Jenn before, so I knew I was in for a special treat- I was not disappointed!

The package arrived exuding the amazing scent of the Tir Na Nog soap I chose, a unisex (a bit more on the masculine side) muskiness that is both invigorating and soothing. Jenn describes Tir Na Nog as a "sexy" scent blended from "sandalwood, musk, and spice... topped with citrus, amber, and a hint of rose," and that is right on target. I tried the soap in my very first shower after it arrived. On top of the fabulous scent, the soap creates a gentle, bubbly lather that leaves me feeling clean and soft without feeling tight or dry in any way. Just what I hope for in a soap! The size is perfect for holding and is generous enough that after a bunch of showers it is still pretty much the same size as when it arrived.

Jenn also sent me a jar of her Facial Scrubbing Mask, which I also tried right away. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous trying something new on my face, as my skin is super-sensitive and gets inflamed and irritated easily. But I had nothing to worry about! The scrub/mask, a finely milled powder mixture clay, oats, dry coconut milk and bamboo, and oils of jojoba and lavender, comes dry in the jar. The ingredients alone are enough to win me over!

Following the directions, after wetting my face I add some water to a scoop of the scrub powder in my palm and blend. Then I apply to my face and rub lightly in circles. The scrub feels oaty-floury and soft in your palm once mixed with a little water, but it actually has loads of these teeny tiny granules that exfoliate gently and effectively- you can feel them once you apply it. Love that!

After scrubbing and then leaving on my skin to dry as a mask (a suggestion in the directions) for a few minutes, I rinse well.

Afterwards, my skin feels soooo baby soft and smooth, and very clean and oil-free (my skin is super oily)! My moisturizer feels like butter when I smooth it on afterwards. :)

My package also included a Strawberry Lime Lip Balm. Jenn's lippies are creamy soft going on, very moisturizing, and last a really long time. I love the Strawberry Lime even more than the Red Currant I tried before. And when you look close at the actual balm itself, there are tiny red flecks in it. I like to imagine that the flecks are real bits of strawberries. ;) Bohemian Rose has lots of tasty flavors of lip balm to try out!

Lastly, I won a sugar scrub! I chose the Minty Lavender scent, which is awakening and energizing. The scrub is very exfoliating and smoothing, leaving skin softened and nurtured. I actually sometimes just use it on my feet (which take a beating from bare feet and flip flops) as a foot scrub to smooth everything and make my heels and toes pretty. :)

Thank you sooo much, Jenn! I love everything!