Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pet of the Week: Meet MeMe, the Cat!

Meet MeMe, fellow cat companion to EtsyVeg member
 Jennifer from Brass & Chain

What is your pet's name, birthday, sex, breed?

My pet’s name is MeMe. He was adopted by my husband and I five years ago, from the Dayton Humane Society on August 14, 2005. We are not really sure when his real birthday is but, our vet believes that he is around ten years old today. He is a Flame Tip Persian Himalayan.

Where/how did you come up with their name?

When we adopted him the shelter had given him the name Blaze but, he had not been there very long and had not learned his name yet. At home I would baby talk to him, trying to get him to meow, and I would say, “Me Me Mow Mow.” After a week or so we notice that he wouldn’t come if we called him Blaze but, he would if we called him MeMe. So, that's his name now! It really suits him now because he is spoiled rotten and he thinks it’s all about him.

How did you meet your pet?

As I said above, my husband and I adopted him from the Dayton Humane Society. We had only been married for a month and he is our first and only pet. Originally we went to get a kitten that I had seen featured on the news. We really wanted a short haired kitten. When we got to the shelter they told us that they had a lot of interest in their kittens. Hearing this we decide to adopt an older cat because, we were sure the kittens would be able to find homes. While we were in the Cat Room a volunteer came in and sat MeMe on floor. While, I was walking around he came right up to me, put his paw on my leg, and meowed. I looked at my husband and smiled. He knew there was no fighting it! We told the volunteer we really wanted to give him a home.  They told us that he had been found on the street a few weeks ago and had been brought to them in bad condition. And as fate would have it that day was to first day he was up for adoption.

Do he *know* when it's time to see the vet & hide, or
do they enjoy the extra attention?

Our groomer moved last year so, I have been grooming him myself. I am very picky about who I take him to and so far I haven’t found another groomer. He definitely knows when its bath time! As soon as I start pulling out his brush, shampoo, and start running the bath water he is hiding.
Usually he tries to hide under my husband feet.

What are some things you enjoy doing with your pet?

MeMe loves string and anything that looks like it, of course. He is always trying to attack my chain when I am making jewelry items for my etsy shop.  He also loves boxes. No matter what size the box he will find a way to get in it!

Does your pet have any special tricks or unique habits?
MeMe's main talent is talking. He meows a lot and he meows loud. He will definitely let you know when he wants more attention.

Posted by Julia of JFillustrations.


Heather said...

What a stunning catted one! He's adorable! Makes me miss my Molly, who I had for a very short time as a rescue cat, she was at least 1/2 Persian. Gosh, he's so beautiful very easy to see how he stole your heart!!

FireHorse3 said...

Such a gorgeous little furry bundle of fun. I love his name and especially the story of how you met - it was meant to be :)

SilentLotus Creations said...

omGOSH- MeMe is sooooo fluffy and adorable! Thanks for sharing him with us! :D

kittens mittens said...

Awwww, MeMe is adorable! Love your pics of him - especially the ones of him trying to fit in the box and guitar case! Too cute! I always find that rescued cats have the best personalities! :)

Scrappy Rat said...

What an adorable little fluffball! I love how he got his name (very T.S. Eliot) and that picture of Me Me in the box is the cutest. What a sweetheart!

SweetObsolete said...

Aww so adorable and fluffy! :)

Lucy - Lunique Jewellery said...

Gorgeous cat!! He sounds a lot like my Monty, literally- he 'talks' to us a lot too, enjoys the sound of his own meow ;-) Great to meet MeMe!

DeepFried said...

Oh how fluffy!! You can send her in that box for xmas, thanks! ;)

thebluewindmill said...

Beautiful cat!

Julie said...

What a pretty kitty!

auclairdelalune: recycled fabrics for human and habitat said...

What a beautiful, beautiful cat!