Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monty's Musings - Part Four

Greetings! I am back, Part Four has been a long time coming (blame my human, Lucy, I do) but now that the autumn has arrived I am spending more time inside so have time to share my wisdom with you all.

Some things I discovered over the summer:

  • The humans do not like me to bring half-eaten creatures to the back door. I have made a mental note to bring them whole ones in future.
  • The beast they called 'Chloe' insists on sniffing my backside without warning.
  • This 'birthday' thing results in some presents! It seems to be an annual event but this year I was particularly impressed with what I like to call my 'Green Haven'...

My plans for the next month include sleeping, snoozing, resting my eyes, dreaming, having 'forty winks' and of course my favourite pastime- eating. I suggest you all follow my example and relax as follows:

Of course with the colder days and more time indoors there is an increased risk of humiliations like this:

I mean, honestly! If they insist on making me wear a hat, at least make one big enough! Is that really so much to ask?

Now, I may not be speaking to you all again for a while now, because if memory serves me correctly there will soon be a tree in the house! Oh the excitement! How thoughtful of the humans to provide an inside tree whilst it is too cold for me outside. They are not so bad after all... And with the tree comes the paper- lots of discarded paper to play with! Again, they bring me gifts but often the paper is much more fun. Although I will be hoping for another source of catnip this year, something similar to what I had a couple of years ago would be perfect- needless to say, I spent the rest of the day in a blissful state.

- Monty


Heather said...

OHHHHHHH!!! Monty, I love you!! I wanna snuggle with you!! So cute, and funny too!!

Lucy - Lunique Jewellery said...

Thanks Heather! I've fixed the video link now :-D

FireHorse3 said...

hahaha Monty - your musings never fail to delight. I see what you mean about the hat. Naughty humans! ;o)

SilentLotus Creations said...

Does Monty have a fab club? Cause I wanna join! :)

Lucy - Lunique Jewellery said...

Well he has a mini fan club at home but he has the potential to go global ;-)

Thanks guys!