Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Etsyveg Has Toys!

The Penguin is from my friend Christina's shop KnittyKrissy. She also created my banner & avatar set for me, in my shop. The cuteh grey kitteh is from SassandPeril. So adorable! She has MADD skilz! Love her stuff! The coolest pirate bunny I've ever seen is from Pandawithcookie! Not only is she a skilled baker, sewer she also has an awesome catted one named, Bran. I love hearing about his adventures. Of course if you buy all these lovelies, you need something to keep them in, am I right? Check this out, it's a fabulous bag & it's vegan too! You can find it in the sewjennie shop. Lastly to round things out, these lovely wool play foods will keep your little one cooking & playing for hours. They are made by the fairtradefamily.

Need more cute items? Check out our Etsyveg Marketplace here. We have everyone in the group listed & more to add as time goes on. You can see links to their shops & a couple of examples & click to see more! Or just go directly to etsy.com and search etsyveg team. So much fun, can I call this my hobby officially? I just love searching on etsy & buying handmade. It's so much fun!

XOXO Heather :)

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panda with cookie said...

Thanks for giving my pirate bunny a shout out!

J2 Natural Spa said...

These are so cute!

J2 Natural Spa said...
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Heather said...

You're very welcome, Lisa! He's adorable!

kittens mittens said...

cute picks! love the stuffed cat! :)