Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plastic makes it possible?

Last night I went to buy some organic produce. As I'm tying to be a good citizen, I brought along my recycled, reusable bags. I handed them to the cashier, who smirked and handed them off to the bagger. He then said under his breath to the bagger:

"I'm all for saving the planet, but seriously can we do it in another way?"

Something also was said about the bags being a pain to work with. I get that. I do. I have offered help many times, to other baggers, so they aren't doing it alone. Cause it's new, it's different and those little white plastic ones are SO much easier to use. After hearing the cashier's comments, I just kept mum. I didn't have my handy dandy You Tube movie upon my person at that moment, laptop was in repose here at the house, having a minute or several to itself.

Here for your viewing is the movie:

So, in response to that cashier, no, we cannot do it another way. Saving the only planet we have should be of utmost importance. I don't drive my car if I don't need to anymore. I don't take long, winding roads home so I can enjoy the scenery anymore. I get out and walk for miles instead & enjoy it that way. I'm changing my life & trying to get it more in tune with nature, with the planet & the way the planet was designed to be used.

I've changed my diet, my life. I don't buy brand new all the time anymore. I used to have a mantra of "I only buy brand new shoes, because it will upset your feet to wear shoes that other folks have worn before." This is just not true, the shoes will conform to the wearer. Instead of buying a new purse last winter, I bought an old sweater & made a bag in the colour I was looking for.

Change might be hard or unpleasant at first, but there are ways of changing that are indeed fun. We have to at least try. If it was up to me, we'd do a lot more changes faster & folks would have to do it all overnight. So do the little baby steps, and be happy that you don't have to work within my plan.

My plan would be:

1. No more driving, at all that is unnecessary.
2. Work from home, telecommute.
3. No more new car purchasing, only used.
4. Vegan diet for everyone.
5. Organic Product only for all
6. All Aeroplanes grounded
7. Installation of solar & fans all over the world, coal plants shut down.
8. No more sales of ANY plastic items ever again.
9. No more brand new anything made from plastic, used only.
10. Farm flax, linen, cotton organically & make all clothes from this.
11. Compost ALL table scraps.
12. No more steel cans. (unless BPA free)
13. Eco Engines created to put into cars already on the roads.
14. Solar Power all homes, laptops & other "power using machines."

--I'll stop my list now. This is enough to get started on, I think.

--Heather :)
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Lisa said...

My family won't shop at our local grocery store because they are extremely rude about our bags (they will also try to "forget" we handed them to them).

I get the opposite reaction at our local Target. They always get excited and ask where we got our bags from.

Heather said...

Wow, that's really sad, sorry to hear that. I was getting that sort of reaction locally too. So I just offered to bag the items myself & help the clerk out. He already knew they were better for the environment so we didn't need to have that conversation. He just wished that they were easier to work with. I guess it depends where you go too.

mumbot said...

I've never experienced anyone being rude about when I bring my reusable totes, but then again, I also always insist on helping - not just to help them, but because I am practically OCD about how I want my bags organized! I like everything to fit a certain way so that nothing smooshable can get smooshed and also so that as much can fit in one bag as possible. I would be very quick to educate if someone ever did give me grief because it's really ignorant to think plastic is easier. If you have a good reusable tote, I've found the opposite is true.. it's so much easier to fill up!