Monday, October 11, 2010

Beautiful Bracelet from an EtsyVeg Teamie!

An excerpt from a post on my blog, Lotus Out Loud.

I recently ordered an amazing handcrafted bracelet from EtsyVeg pal Debbie of Dkany on Etsy and For the Animals Sanctuary- I snagged it as soon as I saw it on her Facebook page! Debbie makes incredible vegan jewelry with passionate messages about compassion, and 100% of the profits from her Etsy shop go to her wonderful non-profit animal sanctuary!

I got my package from Debbie in the mail yesterday, and immediately feel in love with the bracelet, which reads "ahimsa", or "non-violence" in Sanskrit. Ahimsa is a way of living that involves passionate avoidance of injury to any living being through thought, spirit, intention, word, or action. I am very familiar with the concept from my yoga and Buddhism studies, and hold it close to my heart. The bracelet is sooo pretty, wonderfully made, and I love the chain and adorable heart clasp. I feel happy just having it on! Thanks so much, Debbie! Check out Debbie's shop to see her love-inspired work. :)

My beautiful bracelet! I love it! :D


mvegan said...

I love dkny's jewelry and sanctuary, so inspiring!!!

Debra said...

Looks great on you :) so happy you love it. Thank you so much for the support and wonderful feature you are the best!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Ooooh that is LOVELY.