Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meet Donkey: Member Pet of the Week

(Canine companion of Jessi of Etsy shop The Grotto of Geekery)

What is your pet's name, birthday, sex, breed?

Donkey is a neutered male American Pit Bull Terrier. We estimate that he was about 2 yrs old in September '09.

Where/how did you come up with his name?

He had it when he was surrendered. We think he was named after the Donkey in the movie Shrek.

How did you meet Donkey? Was he Adopted, rescued or other?

I was contacted by PETA to look into a possible hoarding/abuse situation, and while at the residence the owner relinquished Donkey and one other dog.

What are Donkey's favorite toys, foods, snacks, activities?

Donkey has his very own toy box (ok so its really a cauldron, because it matches the living room) where he has a stash of many great toys... like my original Care Bear and Alf dolls he decided he needed more than me, ropes, balls, stuffies that have lost their stuffing and a dangling appendage monkey.

What are some things you enjoy doing with him?

Playing tug of war, fetch, relaxing on the couch, going for walks when its not a million degrees outside, and watching him get the zoomies.

Do you take him to parks or to see people?

Donkey LOVES to go places and meet new people. Especially people who give him treats!

Do you take Donkey on vacations with you?

No vacations for us that require us to be away more than a night.

Does he have any special tricks or unique habits?

He falls asleep with toys in his mouth.

How does he like going to the vet? Does he *know* when it's time to see the vet & hide, or does he enjoy the extra attention?

He's fine at the vet, and loves going for rides and all the love from the people in the waiting room.

How do your family members get along with Donkey?

Great, though he can be a bit too rambunctious for the old folks (we only live with other dogs... oh and our sheep LoL)

Do you spoil him?

Oh yes, most people would say so!

What's the most important/special thing Donkey adds to your life?

I love to see him happy and healthy.

Anything else you would like to add?

Donkey is an amazing dog with a great personality, and I am so happy he came into my life. He was 26 lbs when I picked him up from his former 'home'. He was level 3 emaciated, and after just a few months he was almost 60 lbs. It is amazing that animals can go through so much and still have no hatred of humans. I consider myself very lucky to have been the one that found him that day.


VeggieAmanda said...

Donkey is a cutiepie! Thanks for sharing!

Skye said...

It is heartbreaking what some people do to animals. I'm glad you are the one who found him too! He looks happy :)

thebluewindmill said...

So cute!!
Love the blue eyes!!
So great of you to take him in and give him a good home!!!!

Heather said...

Adorable!! :)

徐雅黃昱行婷 said...

Learning makes life sweet.......................................................................

Veganessa said...

I'm so glad you took him in. He's adorable. How people can be so cruel will never cease to shock me. So glad he's living happily ever after. xoxoxo

Julie said...

He seems so sweet! He is fortunate that you took him in:)

Lucy - Lunique Jewellery said...

It's wonderful he is still so loving after everything he's been through- he's lucky to have found you! Thanks for introducing Donkey :-D

FireHorse3 said...

What a precious boy - so wonderful to hear Donkey's story and see him happy and healthy today :)