Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yoga Kitty

My Sophie loves it when I do yoga, and gets super happy when I get out my mat. She runs over to me and hovers close, anticipating a stretch on my mat and then a snooze on me while I stretch on my back at the start and end of my practice. In her desire to be near while I move through my asanas (poses), she often plants herself in the middle of my mat so that I have to maneuver around her. On this day I decided to document it, very unyoga-like. :P I love my kitty!

In the first two, I have just unrolled my mat and am standing on it. I love the look in her eyes. :) How could anyone resist?

In this next group, I have stretched out on my mat for a warmup, and Sophie, as usual, immediately climbs onto my chest and relaxes. I usually linger here for her... **Please ignore the deodorant ring on my tank. lol**

I've displaced Sophie and started to move here. She doesn't make it easy.


Sivasana- rest time. We've done a lot of work.



VeggieAmanda said...

Such a cute post! Your cat is adorable! I love how he is on your chest and mat during yoga. It is sweet to have a furry companion. Thanks for sharing! :-) **Hugs**

FireHorse3 said...

haha so cute - I love these pics - Sophie is such a sweetie. When I do exercises (pretty rarely!) my dog, Henry, runs away!

Rebecca said...

She's a beauty... and I love the close-ups of both face and feet! I have this problem with my cat too, and also with my dog. Once I'm on the floor, they are all over me wondering what I'm doing and wanting to be involved. Thanks for sharing this fun and totally entertaining piece!

Lo Christine said...

too cute!

thebluewindmill said...

So cute!!
I used to have a cat named Hugo who looks a lot like your Sophie.

Indira said...

Cute, cute, cute. Cats are so zen natured anyway, he sure does not need the mat to practice his yoga!

silentlotus creations said...

Thanks, everyone! :) And SOphie thanks you! =^..^=

Skye said...

She is adorable! I have a fluffy gray kitty too :)

Mulligan Headwear said...

nice...i have a super similar cat situation. i very much enjoyed your documentation. especially the toes :) what a beautiful kitty.