Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why Handmade?

From the blog of Erin of Krug's Eco-Logic on Etsy.

What Are You Getting, When You Buy Handmade?

Many people love supporting small business. You can see your purchase directly benefiting the family involved. Your money stays, usually within your community, or helps to further support another small business.

Handmade is an even smaller niche of the small business portion of our economy. So ... why purchase handmade? What makes something handmade (genuinely hand-made), much more beneficial to you and your family?

Many large companies hire employees at much lower wages, to grow the company in order to financially ameliorate themselves. Far to frequently lately, are we seeing CEO's and Presidents of major corporations taking jets, lavish vacations, and purchasing multiple properties while their employees work overtime 'off the books', go without healthcare benefits, and can barely support their families. Small businesses (particularly handmade, in my opinion) are so connected to their product and are so passionate about what they've created, they take great care in all aspects of their business, and want to see their employees cared for, and happy. These owners are invested more spiritually, and deeply in their company than those of major corporations.

What about the product itself? Handmade materials and ingredients are not decided upon by someone far removed from the company, nor are they selected by a board of directors invested in the company solely through their wallets, instead of their hearts. Each decision about the company, from the ingredients and materials, to the tags, labels, logo, mission - EVERYTHING - is decided by the owner. Each item put into the product is chosen to somehow directly benefit the consumer.

The owner and employees, can often develop relationships with their customers. They know what each customer likes, and can then suggest other products or items they might also enjoy. Handmade owners take great pride in developing relationship with their customers - they are, of course, sharing their true passion with them. To the owner of a handmade business, it becomes much more than just selling a product ... it becomes sharing what's important to them with others.

It is for these reasons, you get heart and soul in each and every handmade item you purchase. Your handmade purchase is just as much an investment in the human connection as it is in the actual product.

Thanks for supporting handmade!

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