Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pet of the week interview...

With Lucy Todd, of Luniquejewellery.

Etsyveg: What is your pet's name, birthday, sex, breed?

Lucy: Clemmy, we don’t know her birthday, but she is more than 60 years old. She is a female Spur-thighed Tortoise (Testudo graeca)

Etsyveg: Where/how did you come up with their name?

L: She came with it when we adopted her and we kept it, as she seems to like it!

Etsyveg: How did you meet your pet? Were they Adopted, rescued or other?

Lucy: We adopted her from an elderly lady who had to go into a Nursing Home and couldn’t take her two tortoises with her. Originally we had both Clemmy and the boy, Toby, but they didn’t get on well so we re-homed Toby!

Etsyveg: Awesome, we love to hear about rescued pets!

Etsyveg: What are your pet’s favourite toys, foods, snacks, and activities?

L: She doesn’t really do ‘toys’ but she loves her food! Her favourite treat is pear, but fruit can be addictive to tortoises so she only has that occasionally. Mainly she likes dandelions- the leaves, flowers and stalks!

Lucy: She spends her days basking in the sun, bashing her way through plants, and sometimes enjoying a warm bath.

Etsyveg: What are some things you enjoy doing with your pet?

Lucy: I like to sit with her in her pen and feed her dandelion flowers, or just watch her munching on her leaves.

Etsyveg: Do you take them to parks or to see people?

L: No! I don’t think there’s a tortoise harness and lead yet, but even if there were it would take too long to walk her!

Etsyveg: Does your pet have any special tricks or unique habits?

L: The only ‘trick’ I know of is that she is never full- she seems to be hungry non-stop, especially when it’s a sunny day!

Etsyveg: How does your pet like going to the vet?

Lucy: We’ve only had to take her once in the 3 years since we got her. Last year she had to go because she was egg-bound. She’d been doing what looked like some sort of dance with her back legs and when we took her to the vets and they x-rayed they found 8 eggs! Once they helped her to lay them she was much happier and ate more than ever!

Etsyveg: How do your family members get along with the pet?

L: Everyone loves her, even Monty the cat seems to have formed a bond with her, and sometimes he keeps her company basking in the sunshine!

Etsyveg: Do you spoil your pet?

Lucy: We do a little, with treats like pear and tomato, and she has her own custom-made house outside and a large area of garden fenced off just for her!

Etsyveg: What's the most important/special thing your pet adds to your life?

Lucy: It’s always nice to see her when you’re in the garden; she brings a smile to your face. Often she’ll come over and say hello if she sees you (I think she has learned, we are the bringers of food!)

Etsyveg: Anything else you would like to add?

Lucy: If you’re considering getting a tortoise, please make sure you buy or adopt from an expert. I’m always shocked to hear how some pet shops still sell tortoises in vivariums and tell people to feed them lettuce and cucumber. They need an open enclosure so that it doesn’t get too humid. They should be fed on weeds and suitable plants, not shop-bought lettuce and fruit, and never meat. Some species hibernate, but others don’t so reading up on the species is essential. Please go to the Tortoise Trust website for more information (there’s lots of bad advice elsewhere online!):

Clemmy is shown here with Monty, of Monty's musings. You can read Monty's musings here.

Thanks so much, Lucy. We really enjoyed "meeting" Clemmy. She sounds like a wonderful pet!

Posted By Heather of 3 Am Art Productions.


Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

So sweet! I wish I could meet your turtle too!

Heather said...

She sounds like such a fun pet. I had a turtle, a painted turtle visit my yard as a teen. It was so much fun watching it in the yard & letting it wander. We carried it back to the little stream/pond in the rear of my yard and let it go. They are such fun pets. I also saw a family of about 30 of them recently, near my home. Wonderful animals.

Love, Luca said...

Awww! Clemmy is so cute! I had a turtle as a kid & loved him so much, but tortoises have always fascinated me. :)

Julie said...

So sweet!! I always want a land turtle. Great interview!

mvegan said...

how sweet, I love that she is a rescue and veg :)

FireHorse3 said...

What an lovely girl Clemmy is! Amazing that tortoises can live so long - shows that a veggie diet is good for you ;-) Did the eggs hatch, or I suppose they weren't fertilized?

palafoxstudio23 said...

clemmy looks as super cool & cute as monty!! great interview!!

Hippopotame Jewelry Designs said...

Sounds like you are a WONDERFUL tortoise mommie!

Niki said...

Awww I want a pet tortoise! That is way too cute!

Love the xray too :)

auclairdelalune: recycled fabrics for human and habitat said...

What a cute pet and how fun that the cat and turtle are friends! Thanks for sharing!

Lucy - Lunique Jewellery said...

Thanks for the comments guys :-)

No the eggs weren't fertilised- she's not had any contact with a male, apart from Toby who was a different species.

Glad everyone liked the interview, thanks for sorting it Heather!

Lucy -x-