Friday, April 9, 2010

Earth Day Vegan Craft Sample Bags Are on Sale Now- EtsyVeg is the Sponsor!

EtsyVeg is sponsoring this round of Vegan Craft Sample Bags! The Earth Day 2010 Bag is on sale now and selling quickly! :D

A work of love founded and run solely by EtsyVeg's own Heather Snogles of Etsy's HolisticallyHeather and AuntFlosPads, Vegan Craft Sample Bags are sold four times per year. Heather, besides organizing, collecting, packaging, and advertising the bags, donates 100% of each bag to an animal charity!

Each nifty little bag, available in three sizes, is a handmade reusable tote filled with a unique assortment of sweet little samples of indie handmade items- all vegan- sent from artisans around the world (including some EtsyVeg members). 100% of each Earth Day bag sold benefits Carolina Pet Rescue.

Check out the Vegan Craft Samples website and blog to learn more. And please help spread the word about these great crafty vegan bags for charity! As sponsors, all team members are asked to help promote the bags. All help is much appreciated, especially by the animals of Carolina Pet Rescue! :D

They're going fast- get your bag now! :D

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Scrappy Rat said...

Thanks for choosing CPR! I adopted my ratties, Vince and Harold, from them and they are really the very best kind of animal rescue!