Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Batty & Her Fur Babies Say Good-bye to Sweater Weather

Hey Everyone!
Batty's here from She's Batty Designs & Batty's Bath.
I just had to share an update of some pictures that were taken a while ago.
Yes, Sassy (first picture) wears a sweater, and Noel (middle picture) and Princess (last picture) wear bandanas. Aren't they the cutest dogs you've ever seen? haha. Drew thinks Sassy looks ridiculous in her sweater but she prances around every time I put it on her haha! She totally loves it! Plus, with that short greyhound coat, she needs some help keeping warm when the weather gets cold :) ... Just wait until the snow starts flying again and they are all wearing their winter coats at the dog park ;)

See more pictures from our "sweater weather day" (that I'm actually in) at my flickr photostream.

Until next time, have fun putting away the doggie sweaters for a little while :)

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FireHorse3 said...

Such lovely fur babies - they look very smart in their clothes. My dog, Henry, will wear a t-shirt in the winter at night time, but other than that he prefers to be 'au naturelle' ;-)