Saturday, March 27, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser......for Alice fans from EtsyVeg

brought to you by Veganessa

 Having just seen the new Alice film by Tim Burton, I decided to look through EtsyVeg Team Members Shops for Alice related items. I found a delightful selection, and here are a few of my favuorites:
Follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, while wearing this adorable White Rabbit Silver and Concrete Necklace, brought to you by LuluBugJewelry, who sells the most wonderful jewlery in silver and concrete, an unusual mix, but it works very well. Check out LuluBugJewelry's shop for many enchanting items.

This darling necklace is brought to you by JewelryByTara.
"The late Rabbit dos the Queen's bidding", cute and funky.
JewelryByTara has a whole section dedicated to Alice with so many wonderful images, you are just bound to find something that delights you.

This interesting necklace will appeal to Steampunk fans as well as Alice fans. It's a curious pendant made of resin, with black and gold clock faces set against a deep red background. Intriguing.
You can find this item plus lots more interesting, innovative pieces of jewelery, accessories and more at VivaceCrafts.

And finally, something to make you smile as you turn off the light and go to bed, sweet drreams of Alice and the White Rabbit.
This delightful Light Switch Cover is by Dandee, it's very pretty and would look fasbulous in a funky, uniquely decorated room.
Dandee has an extensive assortment of light switch covers and cards, there's something for everyone and every occassion, a real treat.

So as we tumble doen the rabbit hole into slumberland,may we have sweet dreams of Alice and the White Rabbit, and fill our shopping trolleys full of fabulous Alice inspired goods from wonderful EtsyVeg makers.


Heather said...

Love all these picks! Very fun! :)

Julie Webb Photography said...

Fun collection! :)

silentlotus creations said...

Kim, I am loving your posts! You are doing a fabulous job- thanks so much for your hard work! :D