Saturday, February 13, 2010

UPDATE: Pooka Cow, Spotty Friend, and Less Spotty Friend Rescued!

Following up on last week's post about EtsyVeg member thisisit's effort to raise $3600 to rescue three healthy young bulls from slaughter, THEY DID IT! Jodi and her husband are now the proud parents of Pooka Cow, Spotty Friend, and Less Spotty Friend, who will be able to live out their lives loved and well cared for. Over 100 people donated between the Chipin site and offline in just 2 weeks to make the rescue possible!

Jodi and Dan are just a bit short of the $3600, but handed over a check for the full amount to the previous owner just today. YAY! Jodi reported on her blog today that while the beautiful bulls were really shy at first at their new home, she and Dan were each eventually able to get them to feed from their hands. :) Now comes focusing on learning about how best to care for the three boys, which is estimated to be about $100/month for the 3 combined. They are now trying to raise enough money to make sure they have everything they need and to maintain upkeep. Please consider "chipping in" and helping them continue to raise finds to support their care!

Congrats Jodi and Dan and all who helped them in their rescue efforts! Way to pull together! HOORAY! :D


KSK said...

Really wonderful news! Jodi & Dan have worked so hard for these bulls & I'm sure everyone who donated would agree it's been a pleasure to be just a little part of that. Will continue to "chip in"! :)

Veganessa said...

I'm so happy for them all. I'll 'chip in' too on payday, every little helps.

luniquejewellery said...

Brilliant! Congratulations on your new cows!!! Hope you will be very happy together :-D Lucy

EcoGifts that Inspire said...

Thank you so much for posting this! And thank you to everyone who helped us save them! :)