Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not All Views Are Created Equal

from an Etsy forum post by EtsyVeg member Erin of Krugs Eco-Logic, crafter of natural vegan bath & body products!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but for those that are new I thought I might just throw it out there. When I first started [selling my handmade bath & body products online], I was thrilled to get LOADS of views. More views = more sales, right? Not always.

From what I've read, for every hundred dollars or so spent on advertisement (on Google) you usually get one sale. [Please forgive me - I'm not a marketing expert, but trying to learn as I go ... so this info is just something I have read]. If your products are highly priced, or if the customer becomes a frequently-purchasing repeat, then that $100 is well spent. Right now I don't have $100 bucks to dump into Google and earn one customer who may or may not order more than three times a month for it to be worth it to me to advertise in this manner. So for me, right now this type of spending is not on the books.

When a listing hits the front page of etsy (which isn't that often .. but it has happened a handful of times), I get roughly around 800-900 views . Once, it resulted in a slew of sales (this was at Christmas time), but generally, it only results in a LOT of views and no sales. Posts in the [Etsy] forums, bring lots of views, but not often sales.

On the contrary ... when I promote (usually my private site), I am targeting those people who are actually interested in my product. I may have a sale, a giveaway, or a contest. Whatever the case may be, I post the information on my Facebook Fan Page, blog, and Twitter page, and update my customers with my newsletter function on my private site.

Though the number of views my shops receive from this sort of activity is FAR less than anything Etsy would bring in from front page exposure, forums, Google ads (yes you can fine-tune your targeted niche/audience), Facebook ads (again you can narrow down your audience here), etc... I receive MANY more sales.

Why? I believe it's because these people have already shown an interest in your business/products. They care to see what's coming and what's next. They follow you on Twitter, and Facebook because they genuinely love you, your product, or whatever information you display.

So - for the effort I put into my blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. pages, I receive many, many more sales ... but not near the views as other methods may bring. The moral of this story is... lack of shop views, does not always equate to low sales. Just try different avenues to target the audience that's interested in your product. Views don't always = more sales ... but interest WILL equal more sales.


KSK said...

So true, and thank you for the reminder! Low views can be frustrating & somehow make you feel like those items have less chance of selling. Yet my last 2 sales were of both one of my most & least viewed items. I guess the trick will be finding the best ways to get my jewelry seen by people truly interested in buying. To that end, I really appreciate your suggestions! :)

Rebecca said...

I have discovered the same sorts of things... but still have a hard time with sales. Thanks for the post.

Veganessa said...

interesting, thanks for posting this.

FireHorse3 said...

I agree. I find that blog articles and Flickr work well for me - also taking the time to do treasuries of other people's work often results in new customers. But selling to people who already like your stuff - you're on to a good thing!