Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fall in Love... With Handmade!

It's Valentine's Day! Celebrate love the handmade way, and feed your passion for shopping as we celebrate Heart's Day!! Handmade love is about lots more than general and unabashed love of fabulous handcrafted and vintage goodies, though. It's about the love that each indie-artisan puts into their craft makes every piece special. And with EtsyVeg vegan and vegetarian crafters, that love extends to a deep love for animals and the planet! Handmade is also about showing indie small business owners the love by choosing to buy handmade over mass-produced items and by supporting local businesses. So indulge in your desires and spread the love- shop your heart out! :D You can start right here!


Anna said...

Great items. <3 Happy Valentine's Day!

luniquejewellery said...

Thanks for including my cushion, I can feel the love from all these hearts! Lucy :-)