Friday, January 15, 2010

'Pet of the Week' Interview with Peachykeenpets

Today Etsyveg interviews Niki of one of our newest Etsyveg members. Welcome to the Etsyveg family, Niki. Please introduce your pet to us.

Etsyveg: What is your pet's name, birthday, sex, breed?

Niki: Hummus was born November 24, 2002 and he is a male black pug

Where/how did you come up with their name?

His name through the foster family was Gus, but we wanted him to have a food name like our other pug, Miso. We though Hummus had the same sounding ending so it would be easy for him to learn :)

How did you meet your pet? Were they Adopted, rescued or other?

Hummus was a puppymill survivor from Kansas who was rescued through Pugalug Pug Rescue. We attend their monthly events with our other pug and I check their webpage regularly. When I saw his face I knew he had to be a part of our family, and we worked really hard to get him home with us! After meeting him in person, extensive questions, referrals and a home visit, we were lucky and he came to us!
Visit for this amazing charity's website and you can see for yourself what great work they do!

What are your pet’s favorite toys, foods, snacks, activities?

Hummus isn't much for toys, but he loves baby carrots and blueberries, and sitting on your lap, facing outward. For some reason, this pug never will look at you when sitting on your lap! Snuggling with us or our other pug is his greatest accomplishments throughout the day!

What are some things you enjoy doing with your pet?

Hummus loves to be tickled at bedtime. Once we tell him he's time for bed, he runs as fast as he can to get on our bed, he flips himself upside down, and waits for his belly tickles!

Do you take them to parks or to see people?

Yes, he loves our private courtyard in our building the best, as there are shrubs and trees to explore and he can run far and still see where I am. Hummus doesn't go too far from his people or pug brother Miso. He loves visiting friends apartments, like Flannery, Zevi, Birdie, Zowie, or Moka! He also loves going to his grandma's house where she gives him constant carrots when she's in the kitchen!

Do you take your pet on vacations with you?

When we take a car, yes. Pugs don't do very well with flying so we get their favourite doggie-sitter, Anna, to come stay at our place with them.

Does your pet have any special tricks or unique habits?

Hummus grew up for 5.5 years in a puppymill and was showed no love or affection, never learned a trick, and didn't even know how to walk on a lead. His most special trick is showing more love than you can imagine without fear or reservation, despite his terrible upbringing. He has learned after being with us for 1.5 years to sit, shake a paw, and give another paw, he comes when called knows what tickles means. He's a very sweet boy.

How does your pet like going to the vet? Do s/he *know* when it's
time to see the vet & hide, or do they enjoy the extra attention?

Hummus has dealt with terrible things in his life, so going to the vet is a breeze. He likes the cookies and attention and doesn't fret.

How do your family members get along with the pet?

Everyone loves Hummus, it is impossible not to! His attitude is so friendly and happy all the time, you'd never know what he went through before he came to us. Even if you aren't a dog person, you still fall in love with him :)

Do you spoil your pet?

Oh yes!! Lots of fruits and veg, weekly bone, lots of walks and tickles! He loves to just be close enough to touch you, so I put his bed under my desk often when I'm sewing so he can be near me.

What's the most important/special thing your pet adds to your life?

The unconditional love this dog gives is beyond what I've seen any other animal give. We have another amazing and wonderful pug Miso, who loves me and I've had for 7 years, but he's choosy with who he shows affection towards and can seem more aloof. Hummus unabashedly and hopelessly gives every ounce of love he can muster towards anyone around whether than want it or not!!
His ability to release his old life and embrace his new one is incredible.

Anything else you would like to add?

Adopt a rescue animal, because giving them new and wonderful lives will be fulfilling for both of you!

Thank you so much Niki! We've enjoyed meeting Hummus. I'm looking forward to hearing more about Miso! ---XOXO Heather :)

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luniquejewellery said...

I love pugs!!!! Hope I can have a little friend like Hummus some day :-D You're right about rescue animals, our cat is the nicest cat you could meet, despite his ordeal in early life... Thanks for sharing Niki :-) Lucy

FireHorse3 said...

Squeeeal! I just love pugs so much - and Hummus and Miso look like a wonderful pair of companions. What a lucky boy he is to end up in such a loving family :D

Rebecca said...

Yay for the rescued animals! These are sweet babies!

isaac said...

What an adorable little doggie! How lucky he is to have been rescued and how lucky you are to have him!