Thursday, January 21, 2010

'Pet of the Week' Interview with Yvonne of Karramandi

Hey everyone out there! Today we have Yvonne of Karramandi , Kakirra and Handmade Designers here to tell us about her very cute & very lucky cat, Trixx.

Citrix (Trixx) and his brother Cisco were rescued Feb 2008 from our local Cats Protection League. We’ve no idea how old they are but we think they are approximately 2 years old.

A lot of you will remember that last year Trixx was run over in the middle of the night and was picked up by the RSPCA and taken to a local 24 hour emergency vet. The RSPCA paid for his initial treatment which cost $115. Both our cats lose their collars on a regular basis but are chipped and since Trixx didn’t have his collar on, it’s lucky that the vets scanned him.

We got a phone call the next morning telling us of the accident. When we went to see him he was in a terrible state and we didn’t expect him to make it at all. He had a crushed pelvis, shattered front left leg, broken spine not to mention all the lacerations. We took him to a specialist vet where they operated to fix the bones and suture him up properly. After two weeks he was able to come home but had to stay in a crate. We didn’t want him to feel very restricted so we got him a dog cage suitable for a Doberman! After several weeks it was apparent that he wasn’t walking on his front leg properly and he required further surgery to put a second pin in it. For the broken spine, the vet said that there would likely be some mental problems but thought it would fix itself.

After a total of 18 weeks in the crate we were finally allowed to let him out.

He still limps on his front paw but our insurance has run out until March this year. Luckily the vet has said that using the paw might help it get better and that any further treatment isn’t urgent and can wait. He’s become a homey cat and only goes out when necessary. We’ve cut a hole in our back gate so he doesn’t have to jump the wall to get out of our yard. He’s become a bit aggressive towards his brother but they generally stay out of each other’s way so it’s not a problem. His behaviour has changed completely. Instead of being a laid back cat that used to sit and watch you through the corner of his eye, he’s become a little kitten. He loves to race round the house, hide behind the sofa, chase his tail and generally act kittenish. He loves to sit in front of the gas fire and on the window sill so he can watch what’s going on. It’s unlikely that he’ll ever be able to walk without a limp but he’s so strong in character to have gotten through all he has that I know he’ll make the most of every day despite his injuries.

Trixx & his buddy, James.

Thank you so much, Yvonne. So glad for the wonderful news about Trixx.

-- Heather :)


luniquejewellery said...

So glad he pulled through, he must be a real toughie! Very handsome too :-D


Adorned by Morgan said...

Aw, what a strong cat! It's so difficult when a member of the fam has to go through such trauma, but he obviously has a zest for life.