Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Ten Percent for Peace"- The Results!

The results from our "Ten Percent for Peace Promotion" are in! After a week of participating EtsyVeg members donating 10% of all shop sales to team fundraising efforts, we raised almost $112 for Food Not Bombs! A group of our team's talented and generous veg artisans got together to raise "dollars for peace" to support the mission to bring an end to hunger, poverty, and war and to help get awareness out there the about both Food Not Bombs and EtsyVeg.
Putting our compassion and generosity into action, we all worked super hard to make it happen.

I am extremely proud of everyone who participated and definitely rank this event as a success! Go Team!!! You are all rock stars! :D Woohoo! Thank you all so much for your wonderful efforts and for taking part!


urbanimal said...

This is excellent! I'm afraid to say that I didn't sell anything that week :)

Looking forward to the next event!

Julie Webb Photography said...

Good job veggies! :)

Rebecca said...

Excellent work, veggies! It's a hard time for selling, so great for those who participated in raising funds! Every bit helps!