Monday, December 7, 2009

Our "Upcycle Your Recycling" Award Winner is...

Congratulations to our "Upcycle Your Recycling" project winner... Kathleen of KathleenMarieKelly and her awesome entry, "Nature Vs. Nurture (Toxicology Report)!" Kathleen created her wonderful eco-friendly piece by using materials sent to her from a fellow team member that would otherwise be thrown away or recylced. She transformed the following into extraordinary art:

* Round Glass Bead (dandelion)
* Square Wood Bead (flower pot)
* Wire (rose stems)
* Felt Scraps (leaves & roses)
* Plastic Floppy Disk Cover (melted for texture)
* Postcard (leaves)

"Nature Vs. Nurture" is a 10 x 10" acrylic mixed media piece on upcycled ceramic tile by KathleenMarieKelly

Kathleen has won a gift certificate to claynfiber for $10, a gift certificate for $10 to silentlotus, and her choice of either a $25 gift certificate to her favorite veg-friendly shopping site or a $25 donation made in her name to her favorite charity!

Congratulations to Kathleen, and a big thank you to all who entered the recycling challenge! Wonderful and impressive creative work, all of you! :D

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Julie Webb Photography said...

Congrats Kathleen! Well done to everyone who took part in this project, you all did amazing work. :)