Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dollars for Peace Day 3

Welcome to day three of Etsy Veg's Ten Percent for Peace Promotion. All through the week, the Etsy veg team is helping raise money for a great cause, Dollars for Peace, sponsored by Food Not Bombs. When you buy from one of our great artists, you help support handmade and support an end to hunger. Be sure to keep checking back the rest of the week for more great handmade items and gift ideas!

Here are some more great items you can check out in our friendly Etsy Veg shops. Personally, looking at those cookies and the coffee addict card is making me a little hungry for a mid morning snack.

It was the light it was the angle 8x10 Photo of Pergola and leaves - aktie9

Autumn Roses - Beautiful Red Iridescent Lampwork Bracelet with Orange, Yellow, and Purple Rainbow Crystal Accents - starfirewire

Rico and Diego the mustachioed brothers together again - vegnosaurus

Holiday Cookie Box - Vegan - sweetvconfections

Coffee Addict Greeting Card - movetheneedle

Be sure to keep checking back for more great items from all of the following great and talented artists.

amefaust - Free Matte and Free Shipping
movetheneedle - Free Shipping
jenoconnell -Free U.S. shipping, 1/2 off shipping elsewhere
beanlennon - Buy 1 get 1 half off
sweetvconfections - Free 1/2 Dozen Cookies with every order
silentlotus - Free Shipping to Anywhere
sassandperil - Free Shipping
veganosaurus/artbysusmitha - Free Shipping
mumbot - Free Shipping to Anywhere


silentlotus creations said...

Thanks for posting, Maggie! Great choices of items to feature! :)

Heather said...

Yay Maggie nice posting. Thanks for having my photo join all the lovely items here. I have free shipping all the time & am offering a free 5x7 with all other print orders. xoxo

knittergirl said...

Welcome :) I had fun doin it.

Veganosaurus said...

Thank you so much Maggie! :)

Rico and Diego are so happy to be a part of this. :)