Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Fabulous Results of the "Upcycle Your Recycling Project!"

I know you've all been anticipating a glimpse of what the participants in our recent "Upcycle Your Recycling Project" have been creating over the past month. A small group of teamies tested their creative genius while helping the environment by producing a new piece of art from materials that would normally have been thrown away or recycled. These materials were sent tothem by another challenge participant, so each person received a unique collection of five bits and pieces to upcycle. Read more details and about the guidelines here.

Now the entries are in! Check out these eco-friendly masterpieces (both before and after pictures shown), and please vote below for your favorite between now and Sunday, November 29th! The winner will be announced the following week, on Monday, December 7th.

Good luck, participants! :D

ENTRY: GriffinLamps

(Kelly played a huge part in organizing and making this project happen. Thank you, Kelly!)

My final piece is an industrial style table lamp with the lamp shade constructed of upcycled materials I received from Kelly of LeandogPottery, with the orange balloon used to adorn the lamp stand itself. It is approx. 12" tall and uses a compact fluorescent lamp. The tea box is the frame of the lamp shade with the plastic mesh as the "window" material and the ribbon as hanging adornment on the shade. The cork is used to support the lampshade and the aluminum container cover was used in hole-punched pieces and glued to the lamp shade for some sparkle.

The list of materials are as followes:
Steel base, conduit & switch box; electrical cord; lamp holder; switch; tea box; plastic mesh; wine cork; aluminum food container cover; orange balloon; blue ribbon.



ENTRY: LeanDogPottery

Materials used were:
~~ 5 items given to me:
1 thin cardboard piece with a magnet on it (backing to a notepad for the fridge)
1 small sheet of tissue paper
1 small metallic paper tag
2 plastic rings that come on a roll of tape

~~ Things of my own:
some bright yellow cotton string
hot glue
colored pencils

The original materials, sent to me by Cari of loveluca, consisted of A LOT of stuff: what I listed above, other tiny paper scraps, toilet paper rolls, plastic bags, bottle caps and soda pop tabs. I just chose the 5 listed above.

I made art for your fridge! I started out just coloring on cardboard and tissue paper and then noticed the magnet and decided, "hey, this would be cool fridge art!" It measures about 13 1/2" x 4".



ENTRY:Lucy of LuniqueJewellery

My creation is Eric the monster. His body is made from a t-shirt sleeve, his fangs are 2 droppers from a lab, hair is wool, tail and moustache are paper from a brochure and two round beads for eyes, all received from Stefania of VeGiCu. I also used these addtional materials- stuffing, felt for his mouth, nose and eyelids, and two white beads for his pupils (plus cotton etc. to sew him together). He was intended to be a cute monster but has ended up a bit scary lol!! He is approx. 14cm tall (excluding hair) and 11cm wide.



ENTRY: Kathleen of KathleenMarieKelly

"Nature Vs. Nurture (Toxicology Report)": 10 x 10 - Acrylic mixed media on upcycled ceramic tile.

Received five things from my partner, Heather of aktie9:
* Round Glass Bead (dandelion)
* Square Wood Bead (flower pot)
* Wire (rose stems)
* Felt Scraps (leaves & roses)
* Plastic Floppy Disk Cover (melted for texture)
* Postcard (leaves)



ENTRY: Adrienne of AuClairDeLaLune

I was sent 14 beautiful photos from Heather of aktie9. I wanted to use them all without cutting them up too much so I cut each photo in half horizontally, then reattached them at each end to make 14 long strips. I backed each strip with recycled juice pouches and put some left over clear plastic or vinyl covering over the front of each photo strip to protect it. I sewed each long side of the strip and edged with a pinking shears. I then put a small piece of velcro on each end so that the strip could be closed to make a cuff. The end result would be a reversible recycled cuff or bracelet, or if left open, perhaps a book mark? Not sure - that might take some brainstorming!



ENTRY: Heather of Aktie9

I used the required five of the items gifted to me by Kathleen of KathleenMarieKelly: the velvet scrap, the cap of a 35 MM film canister, a brown paper bag, a wine cork, and black plastic netting. The brown paper bag was what I worked on, and used it for the photo as confetti, and the wine cork, and the black plastic netting. The 35 Mm cap was the mold for my beads (recycled from my Mom's craft stash) and glue. It was actually an accident. I meant to use the cover as the base for a pin or ring with the glue & beads embedded in it. But, the glue released from the cap, so I just went with it. I quite like the resulting "bead" that was made & glued it onto a ring back. I ended up making two of them since it was so much fun. The velvet scrap was cut & was glued over the top of a slice of the cork, then the black netting was wrapped over the top & all was glued onto the ring back.



Thanks so much to all of those who participated in our first upcycling project! :D


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OMG everyone's projects are soooooo coool! I love them all!! great job & good luck! :)

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I know I say this alot, but I am impressed! I really mean it every time!

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Yay! This was so much fun! Everyone came up with such creative ideas! Great job teamies! :)

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I have soooo been looking forward to this post! These are so fun and truly amazing! Everybody did a fantastic job, each is so unique and so very cool. It's so hard to pick just one! Brava, ladies!

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Great job everyone!

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Great entries guys! It's amazing how different they all are :-D

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I love these. I love seeing upcycled items and how people can take something old and turn it to something completely different.

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