Friday, October 23, 2009

Vegan, BABY!

by Chelsea of BellyToBaby
Belly To Baby offers natural, vegan, 100% pure products for all your pregnancy, labour, postpartum, and baby needs.

As vegans and vegetarians, we are aware of the impact that producing animal products has on the environment. As parents, it can be tricky to choose products for our children that fit with our own lifestyle choices. Luckily, Etsy sellers provide us with many great alternatives that are free from the use of animal products and are easy on the environment!

Natural Skin Care - from BellytoBaby

Choosing natural skin care reduces the chemicals your child is exposed to on a daily basis.

Natural Toys – from pandawithcookie

Soft, plushy toys are free from chemicals that come from plastics.

Natural Cleaning Solutions – from MayleesGarden

Using natural alternatives when laundering your clothes reduces the chemicals washed down the drain and back into the environment.

Organic Reusable Diapers – from LilDerriere

An estimated 27.4 billion disposable diapers are used each year in the US, resulting in a possible 3.4 million tons of used diapers adding to landfills each year. Cloth diapering your baby is easier on the environment and your bank account!

Organic Clothing – from NYCrochet

Not only can residual chemicals found in non organic fabric irritate a child’s sensitive skin, the chemicals used in the processing of the fibers pollute the air and surface waters. Choosing organic clothing is one more way you can keep chemicals out of your home and environment.