Monday, September 28, 2009

Upcycle Your Recycling- Join us for a Creative Challenge

Hi teamies! As mentioned in a recent post and the latest team digests, we're gearing up for a brand new creative challenge for all of you talented artists and crafters! The deadline for entry is approaching- don't miss this fantastic chance to test your creative genius and help the environment! Use your imagination to produce a new piece of art from recycled bits of materials that would normally be thrown away, sent to you by another challenge participant. You will also gather a unique collection of recycled bits to send to a different participant to create something from. Sound like fun? Of course! This is a great opportunity to try a new media or type of art/craft- the creative possibilities are endless.

You must officially enter the challenge by emailing your intent to by October 6th. We will then match you with someone to whom you will send your collection of recycled odds and ends by October 14th at the latest. A completely different participant will send you a collection from which you will build your eco-friendly masterpiece over the following month.

Read more details and about the guidelines here. And come take part in the play!

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