Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'Pet of the Week' with FirehorseTextiles

(feathered companions of Julia of FirehorseTextiles)

Julia writes:

Here are our lovely chickens, usually known as ‘Cleo’ and ‘Mabe’ for short. They are over five years old and we have had them since they were about 12 weeks old. They are a hybrid breed called Black Rock (a Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock cross).

When Cleo and Mabel first arrived, Cleo was picked out of the crate and Mabel came flapping out determinedly straight afterwards. We wondered if they were best friends who didn’t want to be parted from each other.

The girls have a secure run and hutch that they use for egg laying and sleeping in at night. During the day they have free run of the garden (apart from the vegetable patch!). If it rains, they shelter in the greenhouse or polytunnel.

From my workroom, I watch them lapping the house many times each day. They love paddling in the frog pond and hunting for tadpoles, having a dust bath, sunbathing, preening, scratching for insects in the compost heap, and other dubious activities.

They get organic layers’ pellets, but prefer to find their own food, or get unsalted rice, sweetcorn or pasta as a treat. The girls have quite different personalities- Cleo is dominant, feisty and brave with quite a high pitched voice, while Mabel is very sweet, but a bit wily and wary, with a low, rough voice. They are both very friendly and always come running to greet you (especially if you have food!).


FireHorse3 said...

Yay! Thank you Kylie for featuring my lovely chicks. They have had a great day here, with sunshine all day :D

Rebecca at KneeDeepOriginals said...

Love your girls! We've thought about getting a few chickens and even started getting a place ready for them, but we haven't done it yet... so this is inspiring to me! Maybe next spring. What a great post with fabulous photos. Love it!

FireHorse3 said...

Hi Rebecca - thank you! I have a post on my blog from when we first got the girls, about keeping chickens, which might be of interest to you if you are thinking of getting chickens.

Annette F. Tait said...

What a beautiful pair of girls - I loved reading all about them on Julia's blog - just fascinating!
ooh - can't wait to get a garden and have some feathered friends scratching about!
thanks for posting about them here :)

demandablog said...

How sweet! :)