Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our World Veg Day Project is Just Around the Corner!

October is Vegetarian Month, meaning it is just a few weeks until World Vegetarian Day on October 1st, World Farm Animals Day on Octber 2nd, and the World Vegetarian Day Awareness Project with Vegan Etsy! What would you like to share with the world about becoming vegan or vegetarian? How can you help spread awareness being veg and the huge impact of choosing a veg lifestyle? What would you like to do to honor the lives of the millions of farm animals who suffer and die for food every day?

Here are some ideas: Post an original recipe on your blog, write an article, or submit one for the ebook the teams will create together. Hold a special promotion in your shop to celebrate Veg Day/Month, share resources that have helped you on your veg journey, or promote our event and Going Veg! You’re also invited to volunteer to help make the Veg Day Project happen. Let’s take this perfect opportunity to make some big noise about Veg Living, why it's important to Go Veg, and how easy it is! Let the countdown begin!

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