Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kick off to Fall: Wednesday is Orange!

Today is all about the Orange. Orange is bright and sunny and ON SALE! Today look for special items for sale, that are orange!

I snuck over to Kylie's shop and grabbed this to show you. It's so pretty. I love the blue and orange. Great colour combo.

I adore Lisa's Shop. She has such cute Monsters, and pandas and cookies. Oh my!

I just love this painting from KneeDeepOriginals shop.

Brisil has awesome stuff & a free present with every order!

In my shop I have this wonderful orange Monarch butterfly to show you. But, I thought a Pay it forward photo would be a nice offer, as well.

In this shop you get a free sample with every order. Awesome!

This is a most lovely necklace in TheAwesomestPossum's shop.

I'll give you a hint for tomorrow's colour. It's bright, festive, shiny & lots of fun! Jam, lily & HIYA! comes to mind, for some reason. Get ready!

Have an excellent orange day! Happy shopping, Heather :)


kellyrae-Lean Dog Pottery said...

Orange is one of my favorites! And this is an awesome group of orange art! :)

silentlotus creations said...

Completely awesome oranges! Thanks so much for including my necklace- yay! What a happy surprise. :)

Heather said...

Welcome welcome!! So glad you liked it! It was a lot of fun choosing the pretties! :)