Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kick off to Fall: Summer Revival

I chose some random items for Saturday and Sunday. Summer sale items today are here in a mix of sorts, a fruit salad. Sunday will be Pastels. Even though the promotion is over this Sunday. I chose some special items for Tuesday to end the sale and to remind folks of what comes next....

To begin our fruit salad, a red and green painting, from Jen's shop.

I added in an orange from my shop.

From Starfirewire's shop, I found pink & green berries for our salad.

I borrowed some cherries from Lisa's shop.
All her $18 totes are $15 till Sunday!

Thank you to Beth for the lovely blueberries from her shop. MMmm.

Some lovely berries found here, in Lucy's lovely shop.

I think our fruit salad looks very pretty. These items would make wonderful gifts for anyone, any time of the year. Or even better snap them up for yourself.

Come back tomorrow for some more Summer Revival fun, this time with Pastels.

HUGS, Heather :)

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