Monday, September 28, 2009

Help Us Celebrate World Vegetarian Day on October 1st!

LAST MINUTE CHANGE: The World Vegetarian Day Project we've been planning and chatting about has changed a bit, and has been streamlined to make it much easier to participate!

Just choose an original vegan or veg recipe and post it on your blog or submit it to be posted on the EtsyVeg blog. Participants may also host a sale or promotion in their shops on the 1st. Links to the blogs/people submitting recipes and to shops holding sales will be posted on the team blog on Thursday, October1st. Recipes will be compiled in an ebook to be sold for a small cost, which will be donated to an animal/veg-related cause to be voted on).

To celebrate World Vegetarian Day on October 1st and the kickoff of World Vegetarian Month in October, we want to promote the animal, people, and planet-friendly choice to go veg and how easy it is by sharing recipes and resources with the public! There are different, easy ways to take part. Please help us spread the word that veg is the way to go!


1) Let us know that you’d like to participate by emailing or by posting to this forum thread by September 30th so we can promote your recipes/promotions. On October 1st, both team blogs will post links to shops holding Veg Day sales and links to blogged recipes (or to the shops of those who don't have a blog and submitted).

  • RECIPES: Post an original vegetarian or vegan recipe of your choice on your blog or website, or in your Etsy shop announcement on World Veg Day, October 1st. Those who would rather not post on their own may submit their recipe to the EtsyVeg blog. If you can, post the recipe the night before (Wednesday) and send us the link before the 1st. If this is a problem, please send the links ASAP on Thursday to or by convoing via

  • SPECIAL SALES: Please send information about your sale, including your shop link, by Friday, September 30th.

  • EVENT GRAPHICS: Participants will use a special blurb in their shop announcement on the 1st, and a special avatar for their Etsy shops that will be designed by Heather of nubbycakes (thanks, Heather!). There will also be an event graphic or banner for use on October 1st. Everyone will use at least the avatar on that day, and are encouraged to use all graphics, once released, at anytime leading up to the event and during ebook promotion.

  • EBOOK: If you would like your recipe or veg-related article to be included in our ebook, email it to by the end of the day on Friday, October 2nd. Please include:
    1) Recipe in plain text (email) format

    2) Shop name/link

    3) Graphic you want included with the recipe (if you want something
    **other than your shop banner,** otherwise I will just pull everyone's

    4) Optional:
    ~A personal message if you wish, such as why you went veg, help for transitioning
    veggies, etc.- whatever you would like to say! (optional, of
    ~A link to/description of your favorite veg/animal cause (optional).

    2) PROMOTE! Even if not participating in one of the above, join the fun by helping to promote the event and its mission. Talk up the event on social media sites. Email friends and family about the event and pass on info about going veg to anyone you think may be interested. Help to promote the ebook and raise funds for charity!

    3) VOLUNTEER! Along with participants we are in need of volunteers to help make this project go smoothly! Help is needed in the following areas:

    • Post links to recipes and sales on the EtsyVeg blog on October 1st.

    • Start/maintain an Etsy forum thread for the event and prompt members/participants to bump it.

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