Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Announcing the "Upcycle Your Recycling Team Creative Challenge"

EtsyVeg has got a lot going on this fall! In just a few weeks, we will have our Vegetarian Awareness Project with Vegan Etsy! And....

As mentioned in the last EtsyVeg Team Digest, Heather suggested a fabulous new project for the team, inspired by this cool contest! With so many EtsyVeggies being very eco-conscious and inspired to live and create green, what could be more perfect than a creative challenge involving recycling and upcycling?! Announcing the **UPCYCLE YOUR RECYCLING CRAFT CHALLENGE**!

Be challenged to create a piece of art/craft of any media/form using five pieces of any recycled material(s). Here’s the kicker- the materials will be chosen and supplied to you by another teamie! Each participant will be matched with another, and will send that match a unique, eclectic assortment of 5 pieces of any material that would otherwise be thrown away, discarded, and or recycled- things that ‘typically’ would not be seen as useful. The person each participant is matched up with will then be challenged to use their pieces in a new creation! Cool, right? Here's another challenge... Take your creativity to a new level by venturing to try a brand new media or one you don't much use. This is optional, of course- it's your choice in the end!


1) Enter the contest by emailing us at etsyveg@gmail.com to let us know you're
in by October 6th.

2) Each entrant will both send another participant a package of materials and create a new art/craft project. The person you are matched with may or may not be the person sending you your pieces, as folks will be randomly assigned. Matches will be determined by

3) Assemble your five pieces. You must send five pieces to your match for your own entry to be valid.

All recycled bits must:

• not have held toxic substances
• not be sharp
• be non-combustible
• be cleaned of dirt, food, and other contaminants
• be made of a non-liquid, non-perishable material
• be no larger than 4 x 6 inches/10.2 x 15.2 cm, and weigh no more than 4 oz/
113 g.
• be safe for people and animals
• be items seen as atypical for use in creating, that would otherwise be
tossed away or seen as useless, that would make the new creation *green*

These pieces do not have to be used in the form they are received in, but can be cut into pieces, painted, melted, sewn, or whatever else.

Please feel free to send other bits and pieces of creative stuff to your match! Bits of material or paper, paint, beads, other unused art/craft materials, etc. might inspire the person you are sending to. There is no obligation to use these extras. They are just for fun. If you choose to include them, please do not send more than 2-3 pieces.

4) You will then be randomly assigned to another entrant to whom you will ship your 5 pieces. All packages must be mailed by October 14th at the latest. The sooner you can send your pieces, the better. Please email us your ship date once you have sent out your pieces.

5) Once you receive your package from the person who is assigned to send to you, email us again at the above address to let us know, including a photo of the items you received.

6) You may start your project as soon as you have sent us the photo, but the official start date is October 21st. All five recycled bits must be used within ONE final piece! Artisans may incorporate any additional materials they desire, as long as all is used within a one-piece creation.

7) Once your project is complete, send us a second photo, this time of your finished entry. Deadline for submission of your entry/photo is November 18th.

Participants are encouraged to submit photos at any time in the creative process for use contest blog updates and other team media, or to post them anywhere with a link to the contest info/blog.

8) Only projects submitted by the deadline of November 18th will be considered valid entries.
9) Entries will be posted on the blog in early November to be voted on by other members and the public. The top vote-getter will be awarded a prize!

10) Participants may donate their project creations for a sale that will benefit a collectively chosen charity.


Along with participants, we are in need of volunteers to help make this project go smoothly! This would be a great project for those who aren't sure of how to help the team, but would like to contribute! No part is too big or small! :) Help is needed in the following areas:

• Create participant list and assign matches.
• Maintain status checklist, tracking ship and receive dates, photos, etc.
• Post challenge updates/photos/promotion on the blog at regular intervals.
• Promote the contest on various social media, especially once voting begins.
• Start/maintain an Etsy forum thread for the contest, including prompting
members/participants to post updates and feedback there.
• Create a special blog graphic/avatar/banner.

This should be really fun- can’t wait to see the finished projects. Please play with us! :D

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